Skincare Review: Ducray Melascreen Eclat SPF 15

As part of the $89.90 bundle pack, I had a 40ml airless pump bottle of Ducray Melascreen Eclat SPF 15, which is intended for brown spots and whitening.

I’m really NOT a fan of this whitening craze in Asia (I’m happy being yellow or tanned) and would never have purchased this separately, since it condones the notion that white is good and beautiful. Bah. It was really the sunscreen I was after. Anyway, since I do have a few freckles on my face, I was curious if this would help.

Ingredients and short write-up:

Melascreen promotes the whitening of surface brown spots thanks to its two active agents Vitamin C and Niacinamide.

Ingredients: INCI formula: Water, ethylhexylmethoxycinnamate, ascobryl glucoside caprylic(capric triglyceride), isohexadecane, triethanolmine, polysorbate 4, methylene bis-benzotriazolyl tetramethylbutylphenol, polymethylmetacrylate, sorbitan palmitate, butylparaben, carbomer, cetylalcohol, chlorphenesin, decyglucoside, fragrance(parfum), o-phenylphenol, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, xanthan gum.

As this has SPF 15, I’ve been using it mostly in the day after washing and toning my face. Of course, with an adequate amount ofsunscreen as the last step of my regime as it’s highly unlikely that the small amount used will contain enough SPF protection.

This is slightly scented with a generic skincare fragrance (i.e. light and slightly feminine) and while it is an opaque white, the texture is akin to a serum rather than cream.

Slightly watery, it sinks in quickly owing to the light texture. There is no white cast to it after absorption.

It’s not particularly hydrating and has a more or less matte finish when thoroughly absorbed, so a moisturiser or moisturising sunscreen is recommended over this if you have normal – dry – dehydrated skin. I’ve also not found this to sting my eyes at all when used near them.

But does it work with brown spots/freckles? After 2 months of using this on most mornings? My answer is no. My freckles are still the same brown 😛

However, my skintone has seemed to even out and I did get fair enough to an NC 20 rather than inbetween NC20 – 25. But was it merely owing to this product, I can’t quite tell, since I do use sunscreens with good protection atop. My colleagues do comment that I get fair easily even after a recent dive trip, so it’s definitely attributable to a good combination of skincare + daily sunscreen.

Would I repurchase this again? Mmm I’m on the fence about this and can live with or without it, so probably not, unless another bundle pack comes my way. However, there are other products I’d like to try as a daytime serum, preferably one packed with lots of anti-oxidants.

~*Item purchased by me*~

ETA: I’ve finished this as of 28 April 2012. From the time of the review till now, I’ve had a few small outbreaks along the sides of my face where small marks left by the pimples are taking their time to fade. I’ve stopped using Avene Triacneal, Eluage and even my Vitamin C serums lately just to give my skin a break. This product alone, unfortunately, did not seem to assist in the fading process. I’ll have to give this a product a nay, unless you’re just looking for some general brightening of the face.

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