Stock up on your Epically Epic Lip Tints, Shimmers, Balms and Solid Lotions!

Allison of Epically Epic is having her 2nd baby soon, which means she will be closing her shop for a period of time to take care of the lil’ one! A 10% discount code “BABYBROTHER” is available while stocks last!

I’ve raved about her lip tints plenty before, so refer to the tags to access those old posts.

Her lovely handmade products are available at:

A colleague of mine had a lip reaction to a certain pricey label’s lip product from a certain store. I gave her a couple of the Epically Epic Lip Tints and no problem with those! Recommended for sensitive lips that tend to react to chemicals, but do read through the ingredients to double check in case you’re allergic to something.

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