One Hand Washes The Other (OHWTO) Mermaid and Beguiled

Mermaid and Beguiled

Count me beguiled by Mermaid and what more apt than a Beguiled sample in my latest order from One Hand Washes The Other (OHWTO)?

Mermaid – A beautiful marine-floral scent, Mermaid is a fragrance which brings to mind an underwater garden at the bottom of the ocean, or a mermaid’s hair. It’s perfect for those spring days that feel more like summer. Salt water, linden blossoms, muguet, carnation, white musk, with a base of driftwood and oakmoss.(available as a perfume oil only). 5ml for USD$9

I really like Mermaid. It’s evocative of a certain The Body Shop scent I recall smelling 2 decades ago, but can’t put a name to anymore. It smells more of the ocean and a palatable salt water than flowers, with the driftwood and oakmoss coming through pretty strong. It’s not an overwhelming scent and remains pretty constant throughout the 6 hours that it stayed on my wrist. I’d  certainly recommend this to ladies who don’t like strong florals or sweet/fruity scents.

*Beguiled: A captivating blend of violets and jasmine, hints of citrus, spice, and vanilla help to round out the scent and transform it from simply floral to something that is SO much more.

This is a sample that came with my order. More violet than jasmine, it’s a simple scent that’s not too simple, if you get my drift. It’s not a single note but certainly isn’t complex. I’m not really a violet fan so I can’t quite say this is me, but it’s an inoffensive sort of floral.

OHWTO has closed for the time being owing to a move and will re-open in a month or so.

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