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Sale Alert: Tokidoki Sodashop Palette Set at Sephora Bugis+

Ladies and lovelies… presenting to you, what possibly is the best value makeup buy of the day, week, month, ok… maybe even year… The AMAZING Tokidoki Sodashop Palette/Collector’s Tin set! Retailing at a marked down price of just SGD$29 (USD$23.30) … Continue reading

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Talk about Taupes Part I

Taupe is defined as: a moderate to dark brownish gray, sometimes slightly tinged withpurple, yellow, or green. Origin:  1910–15;  < French  < Latin talpa  mole a brownish-grey colour So the etymology of the word stemmed from that humble, lowly animal, presumably to describe the shade of its coat. Which would be a nondescript brownish-gray? Nevertheless, in today’s makeup world, taupe … Continue reading

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Haul of the Day & Commencement of NO-BUY

Right, I have a wee lil’ problem. It’s really tiny, honestly. I can’t resist a bargain and I can’t resist lipglosses. Ok, so maybe that’s 2 wee lil’ very common problems I have. So I was out in town today … Continue reading

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Review: Sephora’s Jumbo Liner in 04 Taupe

Could NOT resist trying this out today when I was out, being a public holiday on a Tuesday 🙂 You can read about the pricing in my earlier entry here https://lipglossfiend.wordpress.com/2011/08/30/a-lil-purchase-the-body-shop-extra-virgin-minerals-cream-compact-lightening-touch-and-sephoras-jumbo-liner-in-taupe/ The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Compact was also … Continue reading

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A Lil’ Purchase: The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact, Lightening Touch and Sephora’s Jumbo Liner in Taupe

I happened to be at Great World City (a mall) today for a late morning meeting, that happily ended before lunch, leaving me with time to nose in the shops before grabbing lunch. Much to the dismay of my wallet. … Continue reading

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