Sale Alert: Tokidoki Sodashop Palette Set at Sephora Bugis+

Ladies and lovelies… presenting to you, what possibly is the best value makeup buy of the day, week, month, ok… maybe even year…

The AMAZING Tokidoki Sodashop Palette/Collector’s Tin set! Retailing at a marked down price of just SGD$29 (USD$23.30) yes, SGD$29, yes yes yes! SGD$29! But only at Sephora Bugis+.

I’d seen it earlier in the week when I was there for a business lunch and decided to extend the lunch hour with a retail recce of the newly revamped mall, formerly known as Illuma. This was stacked at a not quite noticeable middle aisle of Sephora, meaning there’re quite a number of sets left, stacked atop each other (about 30 – 40 easily!). I played around with the tester set and the eyeshadows swatched beautifully and pretty well pigmented. Back home, I read and read the reviews and compared the swatches online, before heading back again to get this 🙂

Here’s a view of how it looks in the store, within its transparent plastic box.

With a very detailed overview of the exact items within the tin, shown on the cardboard insert at the back of the packaging. The items are itemised and ingredients listed.

For a tiny price of S$29, I’m getting all these! I need magnets for my office too, how handy they’d be!

Details, details and details. This does list them all 🙂 The shadows are made in USA, eye liner in Japan and the rest, in China, with USA being the integrator.

The aluminium tin opens up to reveal a little (distorted) mirror on the lid’s underside, as well as the magnet sheet – cutest. thing. ever!

I don’t usually do cute. Not at all. No, I don’t squeal kawaiii!!!!!!! But this almost made me do that.

In case you’ve not read what I’ve written earlier, this is what S$29 gets you in the tin. 12 decent sized eyeshadows (you can use the LARGEST of eyeshadow brushes and there’s still space in EACH PAN for you to move the brush around! A full sized eyeliner. A nail file.

For swatches, you’ll have to stay tuned. Otherwise, there are many bloggers that have already swatched the Sodashop palette 🙂

~*Item presented purchased by me*~

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