Review: Novalash Procedure

Seriously, without the Groupon offer of just SGD$38 for the Novalash promotion, I’d never have forked out SGD$159 for eyelash extensions (first timers $89). So that’s quite a bit of substantial “savings” with Groupon, valid for first timers.

Lolita is a small shop located at Marina Link ( and in addition to Novalash, soaps, mineral makeup and some aromatherapy items are also available there.

Novalash claims to:

Novalash eyelash extension is award-winning
Firstly, only medical grade extension adhesives is use in our salon, rendering it the healhiest professional eyelash extension system. Each adhesive has been produced in an FDA inspected facility in NOVALASH.

Secondly, the absence of formaldehyde ensures that one’s natural lashes will not suffer from premature drop.

Finally, the eyelashes are meticulously applied strand by strand using Novalash technique, so that your peepers look and feel natural. The process is painless and your natural lash will not suffer premature drop.

Award Winning Medical Grade Adhesive
~ Formaldehyde-free


I made my booking earlier in the week and there was a follow-up call the day before to confirm it. When I got there, I had to wait a short 10 minutes as there were only 2 ladies carrying out the Novalash procedure. I was attended to by the younger lady.

I’m not going to write a step-by-step account here as Lolita’s website already provides for a very comprehensive overview. Although the steps were not explained to me, I was told that as I have droopy eyes, the lashes at the outer ends of my eyes would not be suitable to affix extensions to. Ok *shrug* can’t help what I’m born with although the use of “droopy” scares me as I always thought I still have at least a decade or more to go before these things set in. Because of my droopy lids, there was some tape on my upper eyelid too to hold it up while the eyelash extension was done, in addition to the pads placed on the undereye area. I was also informed that there were 3 lengths to choose from and I opted for the one in the middle.

There was no pain throughout the procedure, although the adhesive’s smell was pretty distinctive while drying. After the lashes are fixed, a small mini was brought in to hasten the drying procedure which helps with the fumes. My eyes were completely closed throughout the procedure, just as well.

There was no hardsell at the end of the session although I did enquire about the packages. An aftercare card was given, along with verbal instructions.

Picture I was told that steaming also included Steamboat and BBQs… and as luck would have it, I have a steamboat dinner tomorrow! Darn. We’ll see how it goes.


The Novalash prices are as follows:

First trial @ S$89 nett

Eyelash Extension : from S$159 (60mins session)
* Maintenance Touchup/Refill : S$69 for every 30 lashes
* Removal $39 for other salon’s extension
    * Removal $10 for our salon’s extension
* Candied Lash $29 for 10 extra sparkling lash
There are also 2 current packages available for some “savings”. A 10 + 2 package of $690 (for the refill of every 30 lashes) and a 6 month unlimited package at $790.


Very tempting, but my preference is for 3 months and then let the lashes have a natural break of a couple of months before doing stuff to them again. Not that I have any prior eyelash extension experience to speak of, but merely a personal preference. We’ll see how it goes.

Here’s how my extensions look. Note that I have natural, somewhat slightly unruly upper eyelashes that curl and cross at the outer corners of my eyes, which is why they’re predisposed to looking messy.

From the side. I did enquire about extensions for the lower lashes (as I desperately need them) and was told that the cycle for them is way shorter than the upper lashes and they’d fall out faster. Could be done, but closer to the date of an event would be best. You can see where the adhesive is somewhat messy at the base of the lashes. But not too obvious except when very close up.

Topup view of my lashes. You can see where the adhesion begins.

The end effect. I can skip my mascara for the next couple of weeks 🙂

~*The procedure was paid for by me with a Groupon Voucher*~

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  1. It looks like that because your extensionist should have used at least 3 different lengths!!! You have to use lots of 8mm in between to fill in the gaps and so they don’t look “messy”…and they should give you a microrush to comb and fluff!

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