Who is Lipglossfiend?

Avid leisure scuba diver who loves taking underwater macro photos.

When back on mainland Singapore, I revert to being just a girl who likes her skincare, makeup, food & working out (yes, they HAVE to go hand-in-hand), books & stray cats 🙂

I’m not an expert but I seek to be informed about ingredients and its basics, as what goes on us is as important as what’s being put into our body system. So forums, google, wikipedia and online articles are my most-used resources.

I’d welcome skincare, makeup products, preferably without animal testing and those that actually have an ethos behind them, rather than hopping on trending bandwagons. Mainstream, Indie or experimental, I’d welcome them as I love trying out and discovering new products.

My skin profile
Age: 30+
Type: Oily/normal/dehydrated combination with large pores and occasional zits. Old acne scars/marks/craters galore. Prone to blackheads on the nose and chin. Slightly sensitised but not sensitive.
I’m often in: My office is air-conditioned like the Artic and I’m frequently in and out of the office at meetings elsewhere, which are usually air-conditioned too. Back home, I survive without the air-conditioner and sleep with just the fan providing relief, to save my skin from being overly dehydrated!

All opinions expressed are those of my own and products are purchased by me unless otherwise stated. My opinions are solely that and can neither be purchased nor dictated. Just as there are 2 sides to a coin, I’ll respect your views and opinions if you accord me the same courtesy.

I enjoy doing product reviews and comparisons, rather than FOTD since I’m not as accomplished as most of the bloggers out there who have the most fantastic of photos and makeup skills. Except for the occasional lip shot since that’s easy enough!

So, to sum it up, the Vision of this blog is to be a premier, honest blog on makeup and skincare and the occasional fashion or random miscellany.

The Mission of this blog would be to build a depository of detailed reviews on makeup, skincare and to a smaller extent, my other whims.

Finally, the Values of this blog are honesty, subjectivity and VALUE-FOR-MONEY, effective recommendations for toiletries, skincare, makeup and fashion. After all, you don’t have to be a moviestar and paid like one to look good.

If you wish to contact me for product reviews, please refer to the Contact page or drop me an email at lipglossfiendwordpress (at) gmail dot com

4 Responses to Who is Lipglossfiend?

  1. Wendy says:

    Hi!!! I read a post of yours (from 2011 haha) saying you used indian healing clay on keratosis pilaris and I was wondering if it helped it at all? 🙂

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