Sunscreen Review: Avene Very High Protection Mineral Lotion SPF 50+

Here’s another sunscreen that I purchased from France very recently, the Avene Very High Protection Mineral Lotion SPF 50+.

It claims to be very water resistant, provides broad UVA and UVB protection and is recommended for intolerant skin. It’s also free from chemical filters, parabens and is hypoallergenic.

I paid just under 16 euros for the 100ml tube, which is a pretty good value. I’d read on a local forum that this can be used around the eyes without irritation. Perfect for sports, I thought.

I actually like how clinical Avene's packaging is

This should be different from the Avene Very High Protection SPF 50 Mineral Lotion which you can compare the tube packaging with here and with my version possibly offering higher protection since it’s rated a SPF 50+. This is the new packaging/improved formulation that has replaced the SPF 50 Mineral Lotion.

Titanium Oxide Based SS

This is a physical based sunscreen, using Titanium Dioxide as the physical filter. It is also alcohol-free, which is good, as alcohol can dry out skin or cause irritations. While this has silicones in the formulation, they are relatively further down the list.

Parlez vous Francais?

Because it’s from France, the directions on the back of the box are, well, all in Francais. I particularly like how they included a diagram of the human body. They recommend 2 finger-length of sunscreen to be applied on zones 2 – 11. Zone 1 would be the face, which presumably requires less, probably just 1 finger length, the ubiquitously recommended 1.25 ml.

Oui, the recommended use-by date is 12 months after opening. Comprehendez?

Click on the photo to view the full size

The paper leaflet enclosed within the box is, luckily, more international friendly. Other than more French, English and Portuguese are available. Nao?

Tinted Lotion-Like Texture

It does have a lotion-like texture that is tinted a light peach and true to its claim, fragrance-free. It also doesn’t have the typical oil scent that many physical sunscreens like Soleil Organics sport. There’s also no need to “knead the tube” to mix the oils and chemical filters, which you might require for other physical sunscreens.

Yes, this does have a light pink/white cast

However, typical of physical sunscreens, this also has that unenviable white / light peach cast. That requires a lot of rubbing in and waiting for the cast to sink in…slowly…seemingly inexorably slowly. I’m an NC 25 – 30 and this is probably better for those between NC 15 – 20. After waiting 20 minutes for this to sink in on my face, my face was still perceptibly lighter than my neck. A slightly darker foundation will solve that, of course.

While this has silicones, it did not feel that heavy while applying and being a lotion, it did spread around well.

Still a white cast

You can tell from the knuckle area that this is too light on my hand, even after rubbing it in well. The finish is  shiny but surprisingly not tacky. There’s no sticky feel to it.

I’d also used this on my undereye area and on my eyelids too. Without any irritation. A first for me. Even when perspiring, this did not really run into my eyes. Definitely sports approved and worth the slight white cast.

I happened to have it on the other day when I went jogging one very humid evening and this is definitely pretty perspiration-resistant. When I looked at my face in the mirror after my run, I could definitely still see, as well as feel the sunscreen on my face. There was no “pooling” of the lotion, except that it appeared slightly patchy white at my undereye area, which I gather is an area that probably perspires the most while working out? Other than that, it looked the same elsewhere on my face.

As with all sunscreen and foundation, I’d recommend a double cleansing method for effective and thorough removal.

While I’d continue to use this on my face, I wouldn’t on my body, as it’s tinted and might very likely stain clothes.

Rating out of 10
Price: 9.5 (good value for 100ml, especially if you use it just on the face)
Quality: 8.5 (change the tint or add in a slightly darker shade to cater to a wider range of skintones)
Packaging: 8.5 (standard no frills squeeze tube with flip top cab)
Ease of usage: 7 (white cast needs rubbing in or a longer waiting time to sink in. Shiny finish)
Overall score: 8.4 
~*Item reviewed purchased by me*~

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  1. Holly says:

    Thanks for the pics and the clear review

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