Haul of the Day & Commencement of NO-BUY

Right, I have a wee lil’ problem. It’s really tiny, honestly.

I can’t resist a bargain and I can’t resist lipglosses.

Ok, so maybe that’s 2 wee lil’ very common problems I have.

So I was out in town today and while I was good and only picked up a Sephora Crayon Jumbo Liner in Beige, I also stopped by Sasa on the way home.

And ended up with 8 lipglosses and a sparkling liquid eyeliner in translucent white. The leftmost lipgloss is from Sasatinnie and is called a Lipstick with SPF 15 at 20% off. But it’s really more of a pigmented gloss.

The other 7 tubes strewn across are from a new label I’ve never seen before nor managed to turn up in Google Search. It’s called Noir Blanc and these are liquid lipglosses in twist up sticks that have the coolest flat plastic applicator EVER. Say goodbye to unsanitary doefoot applicators! There were 15 on display and the good part? Just S$5.90 each! (US$1: S$1.35 atm). The packaging looks very Majolica Majorca inspired and girly. Β The funny thing about this downright inexpensive lipglosses? They’re made in Luxembourg by Luxcos S.A. (address on packaging too), along with expiry date. As you might have heard me rant before on my blog, anything that’s imported in Singapore, especially from the Western hemisphere, is marked up like crazy. Something like this with a rather innovative applicator AND made over yonder? At S$5.90 each? I just couldn’t believe and grabbed a bunch. If I didn’t have more lipglosses coming my way, I’d have probably grabbed 14 out of 15 (the one omitted being a clear gloss with glitter). There were also mini Noir Blanc eyeshadow palettes for sale, but those were very fairy sparkly at $7.90 for 5 – 6 shades in each. Made in Taiwan.

On my way to the cashier, most strategically placed, were Cyber Colors’ eyeliners. The white took my fancy since I don’t have anything white and these applied translucent with light multi-coloured glitter, pretty subtle rather than OMG kawaii. Something I could use for Christmas πŸ™‚

Closeup of packaging

A closeup shot of the packaging with the “Twist twist”applicator diagram. Stay tuned for colour swatches and product review in the coming week, after I’ve roadtested them out πŸ™‚ I’ve also picked up an extra (rightmost shade) for an upcoming Christmas/New Year giveaway.

Oh, before I forget. My Makeup No-Buy starts now. Let’s make it for 3 months 11 December 2011 to 11 March 2012 πŸ™‚ [Except for mascaras]

~*Items featured purchased by me*~


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