Making Orange Wearable: Darling Girl Cosmetics’ Pumpkin King and Still Your Sunshine

Orange lipgloss/tints/sticks have been something that I’ve never quite dared to try, until Indie cosmetics came along with prices that don’t break the bank should the shade not quite work out. That, the easy availability and affordable overseas shipping, as well as the plethora of shades available have enabled me to indulge in colours that I’d never have otherwise tried.

Orange up my world

Here’re 2 that I picked up from Darling Girl Cosmetics’ in a recent order.

Pumpkin King Color Rich Lip Balm – in twist up tube form US$4.75; and

Still Your Sunshine – Mini Kiss in a 3.5ml tube with doefoot applicator US$3.25 (overstock price)

The shades look somewhat similar when compared side by side, but don’t apply the same.

Still Your Sunshine is described as:

Orange seems to be the “it” color for Spring 2011, so I had to take a stab at making a wearable orange as I find most of them really hard to wear. This kind of morphed into a coral, but it’s still gorgeous.

Still Your Sunshine is sheer bright pink/coral with violet shift. This would probably look great with Fantasia blush, which is very popular.

Pumpkin King:

The Pumpkin King is a bold bright orange with gold and copper flash.

The skin swatch above shows 2 coats of Still Your Sunshine and 2 coats of Pumpkin King. Both are on the sheer side unless heavily layered, so your natural lip shade would still show through, but with very flattering orange enhancement. The violet shift contrast in Still your Sunshine seems to give it slightly more depth and interest than Pumpkin King.


While I’m not sure how this shade would look on cooler skintones, Still Your Sunshine manages to make this sheer orange/pink look really good without trying too hard. That’s 2 shades of Still Your Sunshine with that luscious sheen that only a liquid gloss can given. The violet shift is obvious close-up in the photo but not IRL.

Pumpkin King

We have here 2 layers of Pumpkin King, which with its copper and gold flash shows up warmer on my lips than Still Your Sunshine. A fun shade in the sun and great for layering together with Still Your Sunshine 🙂

Check back for more DGC swatches as I slowly go through my stash.

~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~


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8 Responses to Making Orange Wearable: Darling Girl Cosmetics’ Pumpkin King and Still Your Sunshine

  1. k elizabeth says:

    You should be a lip model. Your lips are perfect!

  2. surlette says:

    I wonder if The Pumpkin King was changed since the one I got (before Halloween) is too shimmery, too bright, and the gold specks are too strong. Your swatch looks very different as well. much as I’ve been craving for orange lips, this color does not work on my cool tone skin. I agree your lips are ideal….I have kind of plump lips, but they aren’t smooth like yours..and they don’t have a defined shape like yours. Your upper lip reminds me of the top of a heart.

    • Hmm, that’s possible as they’re likely to be from different batches. It does sound like if the gold specks in yours are too strong, it’s probably too warm for your cool skin tone. Sorry to hear that. I wonder if yours could be used to lighten very dark shades, to arrive at a happy inbetween colour?

  3. Eclectic says:

    Hi Aud,

    Is the Pumpkin King more orange than Silk Naturals Amplifying Lip Glaze in Fanfare? Is it also more opaque?

    I think DG’s shipping is slightly more reasonable than SN’s. I’ve also been lemming to try out DG’s colored lip balms,so I need some help in shade comparisons. Toodles!

    • Hi! Too bad I’ve finished Fanfare, otherwise I’d do a side comparison swatch. Pumpkin King is indeed slightly more orange than Fanfare. It’s not more opaque though and is pretty layerable. It applies thinner than the SN lip glazes, so it’s easy to control intensity. Very wearable, so fear not!

      • Eclectic says:

        Thank you!

        Glad to know the comparisons. I had wanted Fanfare but saw from your previous post that it’s kinda “melty”. My SN’s kisser slicker in Damsel was the same too. I’m keen on the SN’s ALG cos it sounds as minty as Burts Bees which I like. I’m looking for a bright coral with gold sheen and am considering:
        -SN’s Fanfare (ALG)
        -SN’s Mango (buttercream)
        -DG’s Pumpkin king (colored lipbalm)
        – DG’s Stay Beautiful (colored lipbalm)
        Btw,I love your posts..whimsical soaps,lyrical rare glimpses & insights into indie makeup & such. Very detailed info that makes for lovely reading! Keep it up:)

        Would be

      • The ALGs tend to be melty. DG’s ones are much firmer. So it’s really what you like. Mango’s certainly one you can try, although I’d say Fanfare, Mango and PK, PK and Mango would be the brighter ones. Thanks for the encouragement!

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