Madre Labs Bath and Body Products Review Part I

Remember my earlier short post on these Madre Labs items kindly sponsored by iHerb?

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Firstly, let’s talk about the Madre Labs’ Mission, Vision and Values for their newly released hair and body care products, which are Made in USA, ph Balanced and packed in Eco-Friendly packaging and made with biodegradable ingredients.

Our Mission is Simple

To create truly innovative and unique formulations of the highest quality, assisting our health-minded customers in supporting their well-being — both inside and out, by offering finished products that WE OURSELVES want to use.

At Madre Labs, we strive to use only the finest natural ingredients deemed acceptable by our discriminating customers, as well as our peers in the natural products industry. We like to refer to our formulations as “Performance Natural”.

Q: What is “Performance Natural”?

A:“Performance Natural” simply means that our products are formulated to be highly functional and effective, using both natural and naturally-derived ingredients in a manner that is safe and beneficial to the health and beauty of your skin, hair and body.

Q: What exactly does “NO No-No’s” mean?

A:“NO No-No’s” is our trademarked logo, signifying that we have cross-referenced multiple documents/databases while searching for acceptable ingredients for our products, which are considered gentle, biodegradable and “green”, and have received good safety ratings.

We worked with our formulators and chemists to ensure that we used only the finest ingredients listed on two “2010 Acceptable Lists” for Personal Care (Baby), which were developed by two well-respected organizations in our industry. Also, we referenced an industry-recognized online cosmetic ingredient safety database to further fine-tune our Innovative Personal Care Formulations.

Note to our loyal customers: We will continue to evaluate new ingredients, industry-recognized acceptable lists & online safety databases, based on emerging new data regarding raw materials, to ensure the highest quality formulations.

What We’re All About
We are all about the positives of this industry and taking the higher road! We would sincerely like to help you on your path to more vibrant health.

~The Madre Labs Team

Clearly marked on the packaging is the “No No-Nos” Seal, which means No sulfates, parabens, dyes, animal ingredients and animal testing

After using them for the better part of a week, I’m now ready to review them in 2 parts. This 1st installment will focus on the body care items.

Body Care

The one common key ingredient in the body care range is the usage of Argan Nut Oil, which is high in vitamin E and very moisturising.

Madre Labs Unscented Hand Cream

The Madre Labs Unscented Hand Cream retails on iHerb at and retails at a discounted price of US$6.71 for a 2.5 oz (71 g) flip top tube.

I like how Madre Labs has highlighted the key ingredients above the full ingredients list for easy reeference. The oils of: Argan Nut, Jojoba, Sesame, Avocado, Olive and Coconut plus Shea Butter are what makes this hand cdream concentrated and moisture-rich to help rehydrate dry, damaged skin.

As an international customer, you’d appreciate that the openings are sealed to prevent leakage while in transit.

A little dollop of the unscented hand cream about the amount above is enough for both hands, as it’s concentrated.

It spreads easily despite being a concentrated cream and actually sinks in pretty fast into my skin, which is at best slightly dehydrated rather than being literally dry and damaged.

Despite the richness of the cream, there is no greasy look, which is good. Although there isn’t a greasy look, there is a slightly greasy feel which will disappear once the oils sink in fully themselves. Regular users of oils as moisturisers will know that after massaging the oil or cream containing concentrated oils, several minutes is required for the oil(s) to sink in fully and for the Madre Labs Unscented Hand Cream, this is no exception. This works very well for me in the office with the moisture-sucking airconditioning on and frequent hand washing. As it’s a concentrated hand cream, this actually lasts me though a couple of handwashes too. I do like it for its hydrating properties.

The Madre Labs Unscented Hand & Body Lotion retails at a discounted price of US$8.21 on iHerb for a 12.85 fl oz (380ml) bottle.

Similar to its Madre Labs Hand Cream counterpart, this is targeted at rehydrating dry, damaged skin. The body lotion also contains a Madre Labs proprietary blend of SuperFruits (antioxidant powerhouses, imo) of Acai, Goji, Pomegranate and Seabuckthorn.

With the inner seal to prevent accidental leakage before usage.

Key moisturising ingredients are highlighted in the top row.

Appearance-wise it’s similar to the hand cream.

But unlike the hand cream which is mighty concentrated, this is slightly thinner in texture and spreads easier.

A matte appearance is left behind. Like the hand cream, the oils in this nourishing formula also require time to sink in fully and the body lotion does so slightly faster than the hand cream, which works out better, being a body lotion. I find myself using this on my hands as well.

The Madre Labs Moisturizing Body Wash is scented with Rosemary Mint, a fragrance which I really like 🙂 This is more mint than rosemary. The 12.5 fl oz bottle (370ml) retails at a discounted price of US$9.71 at iHerb

Soap-free, sulfates-free and lathers well? Yes it does indeed! The mint evokes an initial slightly tingly feel which is really refreshing, thanks to the peppermint oil found in its ingredients shown below.

The body wash is scented with essential oils of rosemary and peppermint, rather than an artificial scent, much impressed. This rinses off easily and does not leave my skin feeling dry nor oily (despite sporting a number of oils like Argan Nut). I enjoy the formula and the scent very much, which leaves me feeling refreshed and awake after my showers.

iHerb is the ONLY place that the Madre Labs range can be purchased from. If you’re interested and a first time user of iHerb, you could use my referral code “UKE525” to get US$5 off your first order.

Stay tuned for the 2nd part of the review, where I’ll be reviewing the Hair Care Madre Labs products and for the followup entry on a Blog Giveaway of these wonderful Madre Labs products kindly sponsored by iHerb to one of my lucky readers.

~*Items reviewed were sponsored by iHerb but opinions are those of my own*~


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