Splurge of the Week: Rene Furterer Shampoos, Ducray and Galenic

Here’s my Splurge of the Week from last week, really. I was passing by an atrium sale with the counter manned by my favourite SA and couldn’t resist picking up the following:



  • Rene Furterer shampoos in Astera and Tonucia (3 for SGD$69.90)
  • Ducray Bundle Pack of Melascreen Eclat and Creme Solaire SPF 50+ (SGD$89.90)
  • Avene samples above free 🙂

The Rene Furterer shampoos are 150 ml each, which isn’t a lot. It’s not a daily treat for my hair, but I love the soothing essential oils used in the Astera range, which gives a nice cooling tingle to the scalp after it’s left on for a couple of minutes. It smells fresh and slightly minty but not too much.

Ducray’s a European label I’ve not tried before and the Creme Solaire’s supposedly for drier skins and it’s water-resistant (sports friendly). Not that my skin is normally dry but since 5 days a week are spent in the office, it really gets sapped by the airconditioning.


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