Haircare Review: Aubrey Organics Swimmer’s Normalizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Recently, I’ve taken up weekend swimming again, thanks to my wonky knees that get the creaks from too much pounding on the pavement and treadmill.

So here’s a chance to test out Aubrey Organics ‘Swimmer’s Normalizing Shampoo and Conditioner to see if they work as claimed, to rid my hair of nasty chlorine!

The shampoo is available on iHerb for US$8.91 and the conditioner for US$9.29 for 11 fl oz.

The shampoo – Simple ingredients, SLS free and… CORN SYRUP???

The conditioner has a fatty coconut acid cream base.

The Shampoo

My thoughts on the shampoo:

This looks and smells like corn syrup, very sweet. I was almost tempted to lick it.

Now, the instructions say to use it and repeat if necessary and I’ll tell you a repeat wash with the shampoo is a MUST. I’ve used this on an occasion just once and I did not get much lather and my scalp itched until I used another shampoo when I got home. My hair also felt stiff despite the conditioner used. However, when I shampooed my hair twice in a row with the Aubrey Organics shampoo, I got much better results. I suppose, owing to the chlorine, the first wash will not yield much lather, even with a large amount of shampoo. Once that initial wash is rinsed off, the 2nd shampoo will yield almost as much lather as normal hair shampoos do. Nevertheless, the hair will feel stiff, unless a conditioner is used.

The conditioner

The conditioner, I’m happy to add, performs reasonably well and pretty normally as a conditioner. There’s no ultra funky smell and while there’re no silicones to give glide, this does condition decently, when left on the hair for a few minutes before rinsing off. Rinsing off is also a breeze and no oily residue is left behind.

In conclusion – I’m undecided about the shampoo. Because you have to use a lot and use it twice for each pool session to thoroughly rid the hair of chlorine. If you don’t mind both the hassle and cost entailed and would prefer eco/natural products, this shampoo does work. As for the conditioner, I feel that it works decently for a natural conditioner. However, to me, to rid the hair of chlorine, the shampoo is more important than the conditioner and any decent performing ¬†conditioner usually works on my normal, fine hair.

I can’t quite wholeheartedly recommend both products and would only recommend it to you if going natural, even for apres-pool haircare, is very important to you. Price-wise these Aubrey Organics products are reasonable and won’t break the bank, especially if you get them off online stores like iHerb.

~*Items reviewed purchased by me from Use my code UKE525 to get US$5 off your first purchase*~


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