Skincare Review: Avene Eluage Gel Concentrate

I had previously posted a review on the Avene Eluage Cream/Creme and here’s the other form that’s available for the face – the Gel Concentrate.

It comes in a 15ml tube and sells for SGD$71.30 at Guardian pharmacies. It’s only 20+ euros in most European countries.

Although the recommended usage is to apply this atop the Creme version, I find this a rather expensive way to use my skincare. I might consider doing so when my wrinkles are more erh defined and profound, but just not quite necessary at the moment. The creme version is more emollient and can cause the skin to grease up, whereas the gel is very much less so, though by no means drying for the skin.

Like the cream, the main selling points are really the hyaluronic fragments (HAF technology by Avene) and retinal.

Avène Thermal spring water (5%)
– Soothes and softens
Retinaldehyde (0.05%)
– Smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles; improves skin’s radiance
HAF (1%) 
– Aids in plumping and firming the skin

It is indeed peach-coloured and slightly scented, so keep the white pillow cases away.

I like to use this on my undereye area and can actually feel it firming/tightening. Which I never felt with the creme. Ok, this could be owing to the drier texture, although it contains 1% of HAF, compared to 0.5% HAF for the creme version. I let this sit on my skin for an hour or so before applying moisturiser and eye cream on my face. Once again, only years down the road and constant usage will tell if this is effective 😉

The brochure included is very detailed – tells you whereabouts to target the expression lines.

Other Eluage products available from Avene. All contain HAF and Retinal, so are only to be used AT NIGHT. A sunscreen is a MUST for the day when on retinal/retin-A/retinaldehyde/Vitamin A!

In case you aren’t quite convinced that your skin is ageing….

~*Item reviewed purchased by me*~

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