BB Cream Review: Dr Jart+ Silver Label Rejuvenating Blemish Base SPF 35 PA++

What does it take to get me blogging again? A great experience with the Dr Jart+ Silver Label BB Cream, so it seems 🙂

Genie in a silver tube

Dr Jart+ is a Korean label, which you can read all about here This is also the very first Dr Jart+ product that I’ve tried out.

This claims to do the usual that most BB creams claim to do. After I’ve stopped using the Avene Triacneal on a regular basis, my skin has reverted to its oily by mid-day where there are large pores state. So my criteria for a BB cream now reads:

  • Oil Control
  • Fills in large pores
  • Evens skintone, covers redness
  • Medium coverage
  • Lightweight feel on skin
  • Easy glide on skin without being too silicone in feel

This BB cream uses Titanium Dioxide and EHM as its SPF blockers and isn’t compatible with sunscreen containing Avobenzone, so do take note. Also, if you’re against silicones, parabens, glycols and the like, sorry to disappoint, this BB cream’s ingredients has them all. It also contains some goodness with hyaluronic acid, ubiqunone (CoQ10) and several botanical extracts.

I personally find this BB cream to be neutral/beige based, without any particular pink/yellow tone and not too ashy out of the tube. It’s a light cream texture and easy to apply with fingers and a flat top brush, though it doesn’t have much “glide”. I take it as a good thing that it isn’t too silicone laden.

There’s a small light scar just above the blob, which will serve to show what sort of coverage this BB cream yields.

As mentioned, slightly viscous in texture. While it doesn’t look so on my hand, this BB cream looks slightly ashy/grey on the face initially. It takes a short while to warm up to blend to your skintone. I’d highly recommend this for NC 20 – 25 and nothing darker.

Here’s how the BB cream looks when spread out and dabbed into the lines of the back of my hand. The slight scar mark has been covered completely and lo and behold, no glistening look to the BB cream. How does it rate against my aforementioned criteria?

  • Oil Control (3 – 4 hours without a finishing powder, 5 – 6 hours with powder atop it) Pass!
  • Fills in large pores (Pass!)
  • Evens skintone, covers redness (Pass!)
  • Medium coverage (Pass! With the thinnest of layers, it yields a medium coverage, enough for me to forego concealer)
  • Lightweight feel on skin (Does well enough though it’s not totally weightless)
  • Easy glide on skin without being too silicone in feel (Ok and not too silicone in feel)

With my current shade at NC20 – 25, this is probably my favourite BB cream of the moment. Whilst there is a slight alcohol-like scent upon application, this fades quickly enough.

I will be looking to buy the full size once my 15ml trial size runs out. The best points of this has to be the oil control which is decent and how it covers the large pores without being too siliconey in feel. I’ve also not broken out from the usage of this (2 weeks) . The only drawbacks would probably be the price and that it only comes in one shade.

~*Item reviewed came in an earlier Bellabox that I had purchased*~

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