Sui Gemeris lovely semi-precious stone set jewellery is now up for sale!

I’ve started posting them on Ebay 🙂 More designs and stones to follow. An etsy shop is also in the works.

Readers of my blog get 10% off by quoting “lipglossfriend” after bidding. For Singapore buyers, I only accept local bank transfers.

I can ship overseas and can accept Paypal, please contact me on Ebay for a quote. Overseas registered airmail shipping start at US$4.50 for the 1st item, with US$0.50 only for every additional.

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Sparkling New Pursuits…

Hi All,

Sorry, but I haven’t felt like blogging about skincare, perfume and makeup for the longest time. Not that I’m neglecting any of them, but I feel that there’s only so much I can discuss on them, before it all gets repetitive.

I’ve also been feeling very, very restless. Other than going away for short breaks (usually scuba diving), I’ve also taken up jewellery making. Or maybe it’s just the magpie in me coming to the fore 🙂 I must admit, I enjoy making them more. A lot. Such that my collection at home is getting quite out of hand. It destresses me and takes my mind off work, to focus on something wholly different. As such, I’ll be putting them on sale as I really enjoy the thinking, selecting and making process.

I’m focusing on natural semiprecious gemstones in sterling silver setting, to provide for quality, yet affordable jewellery that will last. Not shiny plated bits that flake off or discolour soon enough. The supplies do add up to quite a pretty bit of moolah, so I’ll be limiting them to earrings and necklaces first. Oh yes, and pretty silver-plated bobby pins with gemstones. These are the only exception. In time to come and when sales pick up (fingers crossed!) I hope to provide yellow gold and rose gold filled metals as well, in addition to even pricier semiprecious stones. We’ll see about that.

Once I get in some new supplies, enough to set up an online shop (probably on Etsy and Ebay), I’ll update this blog again. Just in time to catch the Xmas season, I hope!

In the meantime, here’s a sampler 🙂

Sui Gemeries Creations

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Sale Alert: Sweet Anthem BOGO Jan 2013!

Last day to get in your purchases during one of Sweet Anthem’s very rare sales!

Out with the Old BOGO Sale

Every time the menu change happens, I always feel a little depressed. Losing a member of my fragrance line-up is like going through a bad breakup. I just want to cry a lot, eat all the ice cream, maybe get really drunk at least once, and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a week while I avoid the world. I actually think this most recent menu change might have given me gray hairs. Ow, it hurt. But I’m better now – just like with that bad break up, I had a moment of catharsis and my world seems new and fresh, as if it is covered with new-fallen snow. Glistening and beautiful and full of possibility.

But before we get into good things… let’s talk about REALLY good things! Starting tomorrow (Wednesday 1/16) at 12pm PST, we’ll be having a pretty ridiculous BOGO 50% off Sale. Here’s the deets.

Out with the Old Sale

We’ve really outdone ourselves. Starting Wednesday (1/16) — THAT’S TOMORROW — at 12pm PST, you can enjoy the following:
  1. Buy any Sweet Anthem perfume and get 50% off any other perfume oil, solid perfume, or eau de parfum.
  2. Buy any Sweet Anthem perfume sample set and get 50% off any other sample set.
  3. Buy any Bespoke perfume and get 50% off any additional Bespoke perfume.
  4. Enjoy 15% off any of our brands, using the code “formylove” when you checkout.
  5. Enjoy 60% off already marked down overstocked items, including $3 5ml twists and $10 eau de parfums. Stock is very limited. They will be live in this section when the sale starts!

How to shop: To take advantage of the BOGO discount, you will need to click the “checkout” button on your shopping cart before you can add the 50% off items. You must have one of the qualifying items in your cart to take advantage of the deal.  You can go back to your shopping cart if you need to add anymore special instructions (i.e. notes for custom fragrances) before proceeding with the checkout process.
Valentine’s Day with ease: You can enter up to two additional addresses and we’ll send your gifts directly to your Valentines at no extra charge! Just tell us what needs to go where in the “special instructions” section of your shopping cart! ❤
Fine print: The sale begins Wednesday, 1/16 at 12pm PST. The sale ends Saturday, 1/19 at 6pm PST. It is good in store and online, though availability in store may be subject to Wednesday and Thursday sale action. All items purchased during the sale will have guaranteed Valentine’s Day delivery for domestic customers. We’ll do the best we can for our international customers, but customs can sometimes squash our efforts. Our regular turnaround time applies to everything.

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Believe in Truth? Belif Hungarian Water Essence Review

No, I didn’t come up with that tagline, but  I believe Belif, a Korean skincare label did 🙂

Here’s a 10ml sample sized Belif Hungarian Water Essence that came together with an issue of Cosmopolitan magazine a few months back.

Do you believe belif?

Belif’s website doesn’t list the ingredients, but does share the following blurb:

 Product Description

This essence contains hydration secrets of the legendary Hungarian Water that enabled Hungarian Queen Elizabeth to maintain her beauty into old age. This product is applied cool like a spritz of water, and clings to the skin lightly without stickiness, prolonging suppleness and softness.

 No addition of
Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic dyes, Synthetic preservatives, Animal-origin ingredients.

To use
After applying toner, pump two to three times in your palm and apply gently over the face, moving along the skin surface.

I love the nifty 10ml plastic pump bottle with cap, which is perfect for throwing into my gym bag. It also dispenses the right amount to use – 2 pumps will work for the face and neck.

This is lightweight, non-tacky and gets absorbed by the skin in a matter of seconds after spreading it about on a damp face. Very impressive. Most essences I know take some time to sink in, but this doesn’t. A moisturiser is required if you have combination, normal to dry skin. There is a very light fragrance, akin to rosewater, but not as strong and dissipates quickly.

While I do feel some hydration going on, it’s not as impressive as Hada Labo’s Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Lotion. There’s also no “doink doink” after-feel to the skin (Korean and Japanese skincare fans will know what this means, if not, refer to the ads on Youtube :))

If you’re in the Tropics and are after a very lightweight essence, have very oily skin and don’t mind not knowing the exact full ingredients, you will love this. For those with *ahem* more matured skin, this won’t do much for you, except in a pinch.

~*Item reviewed was a skincare sample, opinions are my own*~

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Seriously Dehydrated Lips Fall In!: Mukti Macadamia & Honey Lip Balm

Being quite the… erm… skincare addict that likes to try new products from new lines, it takes quite a “wow” product for me to do a double-take on a staple, like a lip balm.

#drumroll# Meet the Mukti Macadamia & Honey Lip Balm.

Mukti Goodness!

15g of one of the best lip balms I’ve ever encountered housed in a no frills, screw top glass jar to give you bang for buck, both in quantity and moisturising your puckers.

From Australia, is carried by Bud Cosmetics in Singapore and is available for S$26 at

I was lucky enough to get one in Vivawoman‘s Dec 2011 giveaway 🙂

The ingredients are simple and wholesome, including certified organic ones. There is Beeswax, which renders this non-vegan. While nothing extraordinary, the formula has just the right mix to make this lip balm one of the most moisturising, non-tacky and non-thick formulas I’ve ever tried!

Gimme honey, honey, honey

The contents are  unassuming pale honey coloured, slightly waxy and lightly glossy. It is slightly grainy on application (might be the shea), but it becomes totally smooth once those tiny grains melt on the warmth of your lips. The natural scent of the lip balm is very pleasant without any fake perfume-y note. I get honey, a light touch of macadamia and orange/mandarin. A unisex and light scent that fades away quickly. Without eating, drinking or overly licking my lips, the lip balm lasts over a good hour on me. It also has a subtle taste that appeals, with the slightest touch of honey, but not enough to get you licking big time. The lip balm moisturises instantly, softening fine lines and dry bits. I enjoy using this both in the day and at night.

While many would prefer a tube instead of a jar, as the latter requires you to dip your finger in, I’ll live with the packaging, as this WORKS. After slathering a thin layer onto my lips, I use the rest remaining on my fingertip on the cuticles to provide them some moisture too.

Highly recommended if you’re not vegan, but are into organic ingredients and a non-coloured, naturally scented lip balm. Your parched lips will thank you!

~*Item received in a giveaway, but opinions are my own*~

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