Seriously Dehydrated Lips Fall In!: Mukti Macadamia & Honey Lip Balm

Being quite the… erm… skincare addict that likes to try new products from new lines, it takes quite a “wow” product for me to do a double-take on a staple, like a lip balm.

#drumroll# Meet the Mukti Macadamia & Honey Lip Balm.

Mukti Goodness!

15g of one of the best lip balms I’ve ever encountered housed in a no frills, screw top glass jar to give you bang for buck, both in quantity and moisturising your puckers.

From Australia, is carried by Bud Cosmetics in Singapore and is available for S$26 at

I was lucky enough to get one in Vivawoman‘s Dec 2011 giveaway 🙂

The ingredients are simple and wholesome, including certified organic ones. There is Beeswax, which renders this non-vegan. While nothing extraordinary, the formula has just the right mix to make this lip balm one of the most moisturising, non-tacky and non-thick formulas I’ve ever tried!

Gimme honey, honey, honey

The contents are  unassuming pale honey coloured, slightly waxy and lightly glossy. It is slightly grainy on application (might be the shea), but it becomes totally smooth once those tiny grains melt on the warmth of your lips. The natural scent of the lip balm is very pleasant without any fake perfume-y note. I get honey, a light touch of macadamia and orange/mandarin. A unisex and light scent that fades away quickly. Without eating, drinking or overly licking my lips, the lip balm lasts over a good hour on me. It also has a subtle taste that appeals, with the slightest touch of honey, but not enough to get you licking big time. The lip balm moisturises instantly, softening fine lines and dry bits. I enjoy using this both in the day and at night.

While many would prefer a tube instead of a jar, as the latter requires you to dip your finger in, I’ll live with the packaging, as this WORKS. After slathering a thin layer onto my lips, I use the rest remaining on my fingertip on the cuticles to provide them some moisture too.

Highly recommended if you’re not vegan, but are into organic ingredients and a non-coloured, naturally scented lip balm. Your parched lips will thank you!

~*Item received in a giveaway, but opinions are my own*~

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