Online Shopping Sites

I highly recommend the following online shops/e-tailers whom I enjoy shopping with that have provided excellent customer service. They’re mostly US-based unless otherwise specified, with fair international shipping rates. I find the price-quality ratio of the majority of their products that I’ve bought to be very good., with very prompt shipping.

(disclaimer: your personal shopping experience might differ from mine and this list is subject to change, as nothing ever stays the same :))

Makeup Brushes

Mineral Makeup, Bath & Body (Use my code “UKE525” to get USD$5 off your first order)

Vitacost (click HERE for my referral link to get us both $10 each with your first order!) (If there’s only 1 Indie perfumer of the highest quality you require – Sweet Anthem) (Whipped soaps and salt bars) (Awesome whipped soaps)

Clothes, Bags and Accessories (UK) (innovative holders, portfolios, bags, jewellery rolls, wristlets with customisation possible) (best stitching for custom made bags!) (Resin jewellery)

Conventional Makeup (they do sell mineral makeup but I’ve only purchased their conventional makeup items, hence the listing under this category)

Etsy & Artfire Shops

Online shops that I recommend with decent customer service and fair price/quality ratio (US based unless otherwise specified)  –

Mineral Makeup and/or Skincare (only during sales/free shipping offers) (check out the ever so frequent free shipping offers – even for international customers) (only during sales) (only during sales) (awesome Lip Tints with peppermint oil for tingles! Somewhat slow turnaround time so be forewarned – but the lip tints are worth it!) (Non-oily/greasy body moisturisers with lovely scents) (Edgy, dark and slightly morose but lovely scents? Check TMTM!) (For deep cleansing Black Magic soaps and Mermaid perfume oil) (Best. perfume. descriptions.)

Clothes, Bags and Accessories (only during sales) (lovely pocket mirrors)

DIY and Skincare Supplies (Singapore)

(last updated on 26 December 2011)

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  1. Thanks for the Article, its my first time visiting your site and must say it is very informative hope to check back soon.

  2. FS.Rain says:

    Hi there!
    Your post just provided me with more avenues to shop~!!

    Thank you~

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