For Your Nails Only Nail Salon Update

After my May 2012 blog post ( on my first Gelish mani and pedi at my neighbourhood nail salon, For Your Nails Only, I’ve since bought plenty of Groupon vouchers to try out Gelish manicures and pedicures at nail salons across the island 😛

I’ve discovered a number of good salons in town, except that with high rentals, they come with high service prices. For me, nothing really is as convenient as something near home that I can simply stroll to in my sloppiest attire. The several Gelish nail polishes I’ve tried out have included the American Harmony Gelish, Asian Jacqueline Burchell and Korean label Angel Pro. They each have their pros and cons, with Harmony and Angel Pro being more lasting than Jacqueline Burchell. Harmony does wearable shades pretty well and has a new Magneto range. However, certain shades do change colours after some weartime. Get your manicurist to advise on that. Jacqueline Burchell stocks a mind-boggling array of shades (hundreds), with glittery, sparkly shades their forte, imho. They fill in the gap for Gelish in that regards. Angel Pro does sweet candy shades very well and is slightly thicker in texture, which renders it suitable for nail art, apparently.

Just last week, I was bumming around my Bishan neighbourhood again and decided to drop by For Your Nails Only for an impromptu Gelish manicure. The owner, Ira, now runs a one-woman show and the prices have actually been revised downwards to reflect this. When asked, she said that she works round her young daughter’s schooling schedule, which I think is a fair trade. So do be advised to call to book an appointment before heading down.

For Your Nails Only stocks Harmony, Jacqueline Burchell and Angel Pro. While the selection for the latter 2 are fairly limited, I’m pretty sure more will be brought in over time. LED lamps are used, rather than UV ones, which is another plus as LED lamps cure faster and do not have UV rays.

Yes you read correctly. It’s just S$28 for a Gelish Manicure (that includes a full manicure – shape, buff, trim and removal of cuticles). Oh and a free soak-off with your next nail service at For Your Nails Only. Most gelish groupon vouchers are in their $20s and several places have informed me that that does not include cuticle trimming. Bah.

The Gelish Pedicure is at a slightly pricier $38, which includes a classic pedicure, which is awesome. The most recent Gelish Pedicure voucher I purchased from Groupon only offered an Express Pedicure service (which wasn’t mentioned on the voucher). Furthermore, owing to the number of customers the salon had to serve at Tanjong Pagar, I ended up with streaky nail polish on several of my small toes.

So would I bother with Groupon manicures and pedicures once my current stash is used up? I doubt it. With For Your Nails Only just a 10 minute walk from my home and with reasonable prices and service quality, I won’t bother.

Here’s a shot of my Gelish manicure done at For Your Nails Only after about a week. No chip, no fade and still looking a sweet lilac-pink. This is one of Angel Pro’s shades.

~*Service rendered was fully paid for by me*~


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