My First Gelish Manicure and Pedicure

While bumming around my neighbourhood, Bishan central, I chanced across a newly opened (end March 2012) nail salon at a corner that I seldom have reason to pop by. They were running an opening offer of just S$58 (US$48) for a Gelish Manicure and Pedicure.

With all the hype and frequent offers on Groupon for Gelish manicures and pedicures, I decided to give it a try, as that seemed like an awesome deal, even without a Groupon voucher!

The shop’s called For Your Nails Only at Bishan and their regular price board is as pictured, along with the address and contact number on the namecards below. Do click on my photo to view it in its full size for details. The manicurist of the day that attended to me is called Jolene.

That’s their board of non OPI nail polishes, which includes the Gelish Harmony nail polishes used (white bottles, bottom row). That’s a bit of the LCD tv for entertainment sticking out in the picture.

That’s their regular array of OPI nail polishes for the conventional manicures and pedicures. I still love OPI for their wide range of colours, even though I don’t get my nails coloured often.

So after soaking my ugly feet in warm water and a bit of buffing, foot scrub, pushing of cuticles, filing and buffing across the nails with a buffer block to dry them thoroughly and get a slightly rough surface, that’s how they look.

On goes the base coat.

In go the nails to an LED lamp that cures each coat for 30 seconds. I enquired the difference between UV and LED lamps. UV ones take 2 minutes, compared to the LED at 30 seconds, which is 1/4 the time required!

That’s the end product, with a base coat, 2 coats of coloured Gelish nail polish and a top coat, followed with a rub of alcohol and a moisturising spray.

I opted for a MNBB (My Nails But Better) shade for the fingers, with a bit of glitter for some mild fun.

The hand manicure was a quick one with a simple soak, then filing (I requested that in place of cutting them), pushing of cuticles and buffing.

All in all, it took just 1.5 hours for Jolene to complete my lovely coloured set of nails. Soak offs are at S$15 for the hands and S$15 for the feet, owing to the work and time required.

Now let’s see how my nail colours and the state of my nails fare. Look out for an update in this space in 2 – 3 weeks’ time!

~*Service featured was fully paid for by me*~


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3 Responses to My First Gelish Manicure and Pedicure

  1. Kookith says:

    I’ve never gone for gelish manis before as I usually do my own nails. I wonder what’s the difference, as I had originally thought that the gelish ones kinda make your nails longer..?

    p/s: It was quite scary to see sudden close-ups of feet on my monitor! LOL!

    • The longer ones are gel extensions. Gelish manicures are for hardworking hands supposedly chipfree up to 3 weeks and they cure after 30s with the led lamp. No more waiting!

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