These Shoes Are Made for Working

or walking around the workplace, and that’s just what they’d do ๐Ÿ˜›

I’m always on the lookout for black or grey heels/pumps. They go with almost everything I have for work. Although I have a pair of loud red and sweet pink shoes too. And lilac, cream, gold, silver… Ok, like any other woman, I do have more than a few pairs of shoes.

But nothing beats black leather heels. It’s the colour I keep turning to when I feel uncoordinated. As a result, they get worn out the fastest too. Even for the more expensive ones. I’ve read before that you’re not supposed to wear the same pair of heels/shoes daily and I do rotate. But the blacks do get worn out fast nevertheless.

So I’ve decided, I’m not going to pay a few hundred bucks for my black ones that don’t last beyond a few months.

Here’s a pair I picked up at the local mall. It’s by a local label called Itti & Otto, which makes affordable shoes. I won’t get them at full price but at S$59.90 (US$48), they’re a decent purchase.

It’s made of genuine leather uppers and insole, along with a cute black patent bow at the front. The heels are slightly over 2 inches but are well placed to carry the weight of the body. Comfy within a reasonable walking distance. I’ve worn them a couple of times and the heels are well positioned enough to take the weight of the body well.

Here’s another pair also from Itti and Otto, marked down to the same price of S$59.90 (US$48). Leather upper and insole too.

The folds at the front give it a classy look and the heels are just at 2 inches. I’ve worn these a fair bit since getting them, as the heels are so manageable and they’re comfortable enough, with the heels supporting my weight properly. Especially great when you have to stand and do a 1.5 hour powerpoint presentation.

The soles of both pair are synthetic, but with some non-slip print at the fore.

What’s your favourite pair of black heels or pumps for work and where do you get them?

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3 Responses to These Shoes Are Made for Working

  1. I love itti and otto too! I have another trusty black pair from andre valentino that’s comfy and has lasted me over a year ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Will keep a lookout for Andre Valentinos when they’re on sale ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. eclectic says:

    my sis who’s a hip GP teacher(if i may add) swears by the Itti & Otto pumps when she has to walk around school all day. Fitflops be damned, says she. But i love my Fitflops as a busy mom.

    as a Fitflop wearer who’s used to nothing confining, i find the Itti and Otto shoes wear comfortably. Diesel had relatively nice pumps you can get on too. I just missed out on a size 8 black pump that was SO gorgeous.These get snapped up like nobody’s business.

    love ur Itti and Otto with the cute patent bow.

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