More Sasatinnie Lipsticks!

Ok, just 2 more. At just slightly over S$10 per pop, how could I resist ultra moisturising sheer lipsticks that make your lips look luscious and plumpalicious!

The 3D Aqua Magic Lips in 06 Amber Satin and the Aqua Duo Heart Lipstick in 08 Sheer Coral.

Girly Pink

In their plasticky but adorably pinktubes.

Amber Satin on the left, which looks a mauve-rose shade and Sheer Coral on the right, which leans nude.

Here’s the hand swatch with the top half just a single, sheer layer and the bottom heavily swatched. They look like everyday wearable shades, don’t they? No fine mica shimmers in these 2 colours.

Bare lips

Here’re my bare lips which are slightly pink and not wholly colourless.

Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous Sasatinnie 3D Magic Lips lipstick in Amber Satin. Lip swatches are applied with a heavy hand with very, many coats. Amber Satin still retains the sheer look but look how it diminishes my lines! The slight flush of rosey mauvey pink is very subtle and is a no-brainer shade to apply on the go. Some will find it too sheer to show up if you have more pigmented lips than mine. But it’s good as a gloss over a lipstick too.

The thing with the 3D Magic Lips lipstick is, while they don’t melt like many mineral lipsticks in Singapore’s weather, they’re on the soft side. So take care not to roll up too much out of the tube as it’ll cause the column to lean more against and rubbing off the side of the tube rather than staying in the middle well positioned.

The Sasatinnie Aqua Duo Heart Lipstick in Sheer Coral, which is light on me. But because it is on the sheer and nude side, it looks natural enough for the bare faced look.

Once again, I highly recommend checking out Sasatinnie lipsticks at Sasa shops for a great, moisturising formula at prices that are purse-friendly.

~*Items reviewed were purchased by me*~

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4 Responses to More Sasatinnie Lipsticks!

  1. LT says:

    Really pretty Aud. I like the sheerness and the shininess of the lipsticks.

    • Me likey too. I went to another Sasa branch today to see if there were more colours that I’d like. Lucky for my purse, there weren’t any others that were just right 🙂

  2. i really like amber satin! am going to check it out tomorrow 🙂

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