All About Sasatinnie Lipsticks

Sasatinnie is Sasa‘s very own house brand for makeup, as well as skincare items. Not something that really appealed to me, until I picked up a Sasatinnie SPF 15 lipstick (on sale) a few months back and got hooked on the shade.

While dropping by Sasa over the weekend, I saw that there were discounts of 20% – 34% off most things in the shop. Although there aren’t anymore Sasatinnie SPF 15 lipsticks (probably discontinued), I came across two lipsticks that had very interesting textures and flattering shades.

The Sasatinnie 3D Aqua Magic Lipstick (middle) and Sasatinnie Aqua Duo Heart Lipstick for S$12.90 – $13.90 before discount.

Here’s my Ur Sasatinnie SPF 15 Lipstick in a shade called NBR007 (Call me Bond. Rose Bond).

In a delectable peachy-pink shade that leans warm. Fine shimmer.

It goes on sheer, although the colour is slightly buildable. What I have on my lips are several layers. You can see the very fine shimmer which also lends the slightly gritty texture. Just a slightest tad. It’s not drying at all and has about 2 – 3 hours of staying power, if nothing touches your lips during those time. It’s also what I called a brainless shade. The shade that goes with most if not all colours and one that you can reapply without a mirror.

Now the Sasatinnie 3D Aqua Magic Lipstick looks impressive with peptides in the ingredient list. Let’s see how it looks.

It comes in a sturdy graduated pink plastic see-through case. The shade I picked was 05 Coral Queen.

The metal part of the tube has pretty pink flowers printed. The lipstick itself is another peachy-pink neutral sort of shade leaning slightly coral.

The shimmers are much finer than the SPF 15 lipstick and can’t really be seen upclose. Now the texture of this is TDF and I know see where the Aqua and “3D” come in. It goes on so lightweight, almost like water and the shine is gorgeous. Neither sticky nor greasy and so sheer, it’d also be good for layering. Should be a gloss rather than a lipstick. Moisturising definitely. No doubt. Does NOT emphasise fine lines but conceals them. One drawback would be the weartime. I get at best an hour out of it and keep reaching out to re-apply. Not a biggie to me, since I have lipsticks and glosses o’plenty and would be happy to work through them faster before they spoil.

The Sasatinnie Aqua Duo Heart Lipstick is still on Sasa’s website and for a Made in Italy product, is a steal at this price. The outer core and inner cores have slightly different ingredients. This supposedly has SPF 15 according to Sasa’s page.

Ingredients for the core, that’s supposed to be the moisturising balm.

Girly pink sturdy glossy packaging. Colour selection is 05 Golden Peach đŸ™‚ (note the consistent peach theme?) Cute silver swirls to enhance the girliness.

My first dual/duo core product (and I don’t mean my old laptop).

Not so gold but definitely peachy and perks up my complexion! No shimmer and this goes on butter smooth. While not as aqua-like as the 3D Magic Aqua lipstick, this is a close second. Definitely moisturising without a doubt. Lightweight and non-tacky, flattering to the fine lines too. I get about 1 – 1.5 hours of wear time with this.

If you’re not one of those ladies that expect heavy duty lipsticks to last, like some gloss and a lighter texture, but without the fuss of liquid gloss, I’d highly recommend checking out the Sasatinnie range.

From left to right: Sasatinnie SPF 15 Lipstick NBR007, 3D Aqua Magic Lipstick 05 Coral Queen, Aqua Duo Heart Lipstick 05 Golden Peach.

~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~

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2 Responses to All About Sasatinnie Lipsticks

  1. Carrie says:

    OMG you are really lucky coz you’ve got such beautiful lips!!! Though I can’t see your whole face I really love the first (looks very natural) and last (gives more complexion) lip shades on you~~

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