Talk About Taupes Part III

After Parts 1 & 2Part 3 will feature taupes from the Indie labels Fyrinnae, Sobe Botanicals and Darling Girl Cosmetics.

All are swatched heavily with sponge tip applicators and the bottom half or right half (depending on which photo) is over the Meow i-prime primer. Photos can be clicked on to view them in their full sizes.

There’s a lot more deviation to taupe here as compared to parts 1 & 2. But hey, if I have such gorgeous shades, it’d be a crime to not show case them!

The Darling Girl Cosmetics shades are Polars, Cozy Nights, Masquerade, Witch & Famous, Creampuff, Horse with No Name and Snuggle. Taupe-iary is from Sobe Botanicals and Koala, Damn Paladins and Envy Me are from Fyrinnae.

Creampuff and Masquerade aren’t strictly taupes here, but I like how the lilac undertones give a twist to the neutral. Really pretty and feminine one-washes. Polaris and Cozy Nights are on the glittery side and require some care and thought in putting them on the eyes (would recommend them as crease shades). I like Witch & Famous’ formula – it’s butter smooth without shimmer, except that it’s a tad too brown for my liking.

No one does hard-to-pin-down complex shades as Fyrinnae does. They deliver with Envy Me, Damn Paladins and Koala. They go on pretty pigmented even without primer and personally, I’d sheer them out to do one-washes with them. Taupe-iary is my first and only ES from Sobe Botanicals. It’s a shade that doesn’t come close to any I own. Reminds me of Silk Naturals’ Earth, but with a matter finish. I do think it’s a good depiction of my favourite kind of taupe.

Snuggle is a shade I enjoy wearing. It’s lighter than Silk Naturals’ Ion and helps to perk up the eye. Good one-wash that makes you look made up without trying too hard. Horse with No Name has a good texture, but isn’t quite a unique shade.

With these affordable Indie makeup eyeshadows that’d make a complementary “Naked” palette together, it’s no wonder I’m not lemming after the UD version.

Which ones of these are your favourites?

Part 4 will feature the rest of the taupe or taupe-like or faux taupe shades from Indie companies 🙂 It’ll take a bit of time as I am positively inundated by work these few weeks!

Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to Talk About Taupes Part III

  1. Oh you’ve had me lemming for the fyrinnae shades!! Wish i can get hold of them in SG

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