Talk About Taupes Part II

In Part 1 of Talk About Taupes, the colours swatched were from drugstore/mainline cosmetics. Which were all pressed shades.

In Part II of Talk About Taupes, let’s look at the taupe shades I have from Silk Naturals, one of the indie (independent) mineral makeup companies I buy from. The upcoming Part III will feature taupe shades from other indie mmu companies.

(All photos can be clicked on to view them in their full sizes)

The right side of the eyeshadows are swatched over the Meow i-prime primer. All are swatched heavily for better colour payoff.

First off, you’d realise that the shades are more complex than those in Part I. Being loose mineral eyeshadow, primer does them more justice by bringing out the depth and dimensions of the shades, rather than on bare skin.

Out of them all, Graceful appears to be the only “taupe” with a purple undertone. Somehow, it goes on chalky on my skin and my lids. A pity, as it’s the only shade I have with nothing similar.

My favourites here are Earth, Ion, Fusion and Jump.

Parts 3 & 4 will feature the remaining taupe eyeshadows I have that have yet to be swatched.

What are your favourite taupe eyeshadows from Silk Naturals?

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2 Responses to Talk About Taupes Part II

  1. k Elizabeth says:

    I ❤ Silk Naturals. I don't have any taupes from them, though. Good post!

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