Sweet Anthem Winter 2011 Review: Sylvia, Sheila, Ayn, Linda and Eugene

Erm yes. I know we’re already well into 2012. In fact, I’ve already planned my winter 2012 European holiday 😀

But but but, better late than never. So here goes.

Way back in November and December, I placed an order for Sweet Anthem’s Winter 2011 offerings. The above are my collection of most of the scents, except for Stanford. The notes are given as below:


My thoughts on:

Ayn – not for the fainthearted. The berries and rosemary + strong sage mixture is certainly strong in this  very herbal, slightly medicinal scent. Comforting when you have a cold or stuffy nose. Or else… not really for everyday wear.

Eugene – is an ageless, typical “guy” scent to me. The musk and sandalwood base come through first with pepper, coriander and orris? providing a slight bite to it.

Linda – She’s cocoa, cherries and currant, with a bit of leather to ground her before she wafts away delightfully. Straight and uncomplicated, like a box of chocolate covered cherries.

Sheila – This grand dame is… complex. Evocative of Shanghai in the 1920s with cheongsams with thigh-high slits, smoke (opium?) and dark, decadent oriental florals that are slightly ponderous, bordering on herbal. It’s nightclub with that sort of Grand Shanghai setting, not for daywear in my opinion. Not easy to wear and the scents morph around before settling down to mostly rosemary and tuberose.

I’ve saved my favourite for the last 🙂

How do I love Sylvia? Pretty much. With an empty 10ml EDP (finished in 2 months with heavy rotation!) and a 15 ml EDP and 10ml solid perfume (this was a freebie that came with a purchase, thank you, Meredith!) to tide me through 2012.

Sylvia is – come Monday and its blues, I need champagne and white cedarwood + mistletoe to provide that lift to the start of the work week. Smelling slightly green, it settles to osmanthus and tuberose on a base of white cedarwood before bidding you adieu.

For more information on Sweet Anthem and where to purchase it, check out the Tumblr site here http://sweetanthem.tumblr.com/

~*Items featured are purchased by me*~

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2 Responses to Sweet Anthem Winter 2011 Review: Sylvia, Sheila, Ayn, Linda and Eugene

  1. You’re so welcome for the freebie solid! I love these reviews – please keep ’em coming! xoxo, Meredith

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