Purchase of the Week: BCBG Femme Fatale Large Convertible Satchel in Smoke

It’s been a long long while since I bought anything over US$100 on Ebay. It’s mostly been odds and ends, sports bras (Shock Absorbers from the UK), some dive paraphernalia etc. No particular reason, just that I didn’t see anything that caught my fancy.

Until my cheap and not-so-cheap but still “non-designer” bags like my Sisley bag and other PVC ones kept having their zippers jammed or handles breaking off. Or else I should stop carrying bricks around, which almost every woman would concur, is impossible 🙂

So it was back to looking for a leather (*gasp! Animal cruelty, sorry!*) satchel, preferably convertible bag that had some quality assurance and at a pretty discount, if you please.

I went over to my sister’s room, saw a BCBG bag that she bought from Ebay last year and remembered the seller’s name on Ebay. So while scouring through the seller’s listings…. I spied the…

Femme Fatale in SMOKE.

The BCBG Maxazria Femme Fatale Large Convertible Satchel bag, in full leather, in a non-black colour called Smoke. Some would say… taupe-ish or greyish 🙂

I didn’t want a boring black bag and was looking for a shade that’d be versatile enough to go with my outfits and mostly black shoes.  So taupe in another name it is!

(I’m lazy right now over the long weekend so all photos are lifted off the internet!)

BCBG Max Azria tote bag

It looked sturdy, had the requisite shoulder strap (which is so handy when you’re carrying bricks in the bag) and measured a most roomy 9″H x 16″W x 4 1/2″D. There’s also a whimsical lipstick holder with a tiny mirror within 😀

I got it from the ebay seller, teresahilton, at just US$119.20 when a sale was on-going. The original price of this is a whopping US$498. International shipping was a most affordable… US$15!

I bidded and paid for the bag on 28 March and it arrived today, 7 March, in a Global Priority box, in its BCBG plastic bag with all metal hardware encased in tissue. A white flannel BCBG dustbag and its convertible strap encased in plastic wrappers were found inside. All’s in good order with no tarnish, no funny odours and no rips/tears. The genuine leather smell is still strong on this bag. I’m also particularly pleased that the bag comes with tiny metal feet, which would help protect the leather base from the floor.

You can view more photos of the bag, in another shade, on SAKS.

Bid price (instant buy-it-now) + shipping was a total of US$134.20, which is merely 26.9% of the original price of US$498. I’m a happy camper and you’d be hardpressed to find a full leather BCBG bag so greatly marked down in Singapore. Or even a full leather bag in Singapore with a similar quality at the price of US$134.20 (approx. SGD$178).

The seller, teresahilton, has been around on Ebay since 2003, sells plenty of BCBG items and has a 99.4% positive feedback out of over 40,000 of them! Looking at the make and quality of the bag, I have no reason to doubt its authenticity. Also, my sister’s 2 BCBG bags she purchased last year are still going strong with minimal wear and tear. Although it’s supposedly a Fall 2009 release, that doesn’t bother me, as I’m not a trend follower.

While searching for photos of the bag online to use in my blog entry, I came across a comparison of the BCBG Femme Fatale bag with the Tod’s Helmut Tote here (http://www.bagsnob.com/2009/08/bcbg_knocks_off_tods.html) and here (http://www.bagsnob.com/2008/09/tods_helmut_bag.html).

Ripoff, lookalike, close replica or otherwise, I’m still very happy with my bag. While I do like several designs of Tod’s and actually have the Tod’s Marlene Torciglione East West bag below:

Tod s handbag

I wouldn’t splurge on the Helmut Tote  🙂


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2 Responses to Purchase of the Week: BCBG Femme Fatale Large Convertible Satchel in Smoke

  1. eclectic says:

    beautiful satchel. love its effortless chic.as always..love top read your posts..makes me wanna buy bags like right now! btw, Darlinggirl sent out my stuff on the 28th March, but I’ve yet to receive it today, reckon it would be coming anytime soon? Hmm..i want my makeup!

    i don’t know if this is appropriate, but I’m researching gd sports bras. I havce bought m&S wired sportsbras from eBay and they are no good. I’m a band size 30, and it seems only UK stockists like Freya, Panache, Shock Absorber stock them. I currently run in a Moving Comfort Fiona bra, and it’s ok but not the best. Bursting from the cups! Not sure if it’s supposed to compress SO tightly. I’m looking more for encapsulation with just a bit of compression to avoid the uniboob, if that makes sense. thinking of buying the shock absorber runner’s bra..any good? wld really appreciate your help..pls email me to discuss if this isn’t the right place :p

    Thank you Aud

    • Probably around 2 weeks for intl airmail for the DG order. I don’t know if Shock Absorber would work for you, but it does pretty well for me, better than the Nike ones. Level 3 or 4 for running!

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