Haircare Review: L’oreal Professional Age Densiforce Omega 6 Density Enhancing Shampoo

The L’oreal Professional Age Densiforce Omega 6 Density Enhancing Shampoo was given to me by my hair stylist, Cindy of Hair Sense Gallery, sometime last year.

I highly recommend Hair Sense Gallery. It’s a simply furnished (one might even say spartan) hair salon at Far East Plaza and Cindy’s the owner. The shampooing is thorough with a decent head massage, Cindy takes the time to discuss with you the hairstyle that you’d like and suit your hair and never, ever pushes any treatments nor upsells, which most places do. Even when I had my ultra long back length hair, she didn’t think a treatment was necessary. Such refreshing and non-pushy service in Singapore is a rarity these days, in my opinion. Long and short, she cuts them all with panache.

Now back to the shampoo.

The Professional range is often used in many hair salons in Singapore and sold at a premium. As I have fine hair that can look limp in Singapore’s humidity, this is certainly something that I do need.

The Omega 6 formula promises more body to your hair. However, it contains SLS, parabens and other synthetic chemicals which natural skincare/haircare/bodycare lovers would eschew.

There’s also a distinctive perfume to it, that smells very “salon-like”. AKA slightly synthetic. As I only use this de vez en cuando, it doesn’t perturb me much. My hair also enjoys the occasional change.

It’s transparent and foams up a lot with a small quantity, so no need to use too much. Easy to rinse out.

Does it give me the much needed body to my hair? Yes indeed. I’m currently spotting a chin length bob with longer layers at the front, thus, when my hair’s limp, it shows more easily than when I had almost waist length hair. This does make a difference to the other non-SLS/no paraben shampoos that I use. It’s a moisturising formula and I don’t need additional conditioner after for my current length.

This 250 ml will last me for quite sometime, since I rotate my shampoos (currently 4 of them!) on whim. I would purchase this again when I run out, for special days or events when I need my hair to look extra good.

~*Item given to my as a gift, but opinions are my own*~

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2 Responses to Haircare Review: L’oreal Professional Age Densiforce Omega 6 Density Enhancing Shampoo

  1. Someone says:

    I can only say you get what you pay.
    I bought a groupon for Hair sense gallery. I will not go back again.

    There is no customer service. The lady attended to me show cool face… Don’t know what is her name. After the first perm, my hair has no curl at all… I have to go back the second time… Two perm in one week time.

    Everytime I have appointment, I was made waited more than 25 mins standing at the door. Simply terrible, worse than any neighbourhood hair saloon.

    I think most of the people came in through groupon. So, they don’t really care to build long term customer.

    I just want to tell hair sense gallery, just because I came in with groupon, doesnt mean I cannot afford to pay. It means I would like to try your service.

    • I’m not sure which stylist you went to but I always pay full price for my haircuts by Cindy. She doesn’t take Groupon customers. It’d be good if you could direct your feedback to Hair Sense directly instead, it’s important for them to know!

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