Silk Naturals 2012 Spring Release Lemmings!

Silk Naturals, one of the regular Indie online stores I get my makeup stash from, has just released its Spring 2012 line.

Karen’s released a new formula of eyeshadows called Mattlights (ML) that only have the slightest bit of shimmer to them when the light hits right.


Pretty Pastels

I’m leaning towards Kind and Serene myself.

The lip products released are light, bright, cheery with a couple of coral shades suitable for Summer too!



Twirl, Joy, Swing and Enthrall are serenading my name, you hear that?

Most of the new lip shades are in the Kissable Cream (KC) formula that has cocoa butter and cost U$4.99 each. I must admit I’m disappointed that there aren’t more Amplifying Lip Glaze released. Or even a KC + ALG hybrid. I have Hey Baby that was a GWP in a previous purchase and I daresay the KC formula applies more pigmented and thicker than the Kisser Slickers. Very moisturising to boot and yet remains lightweight.

A bit of bad news for international buyers though. With the USPS postage increases, Silk Naturals has stopped offering free international shipping for US$125 and above. Postage now starts at US$6+ for a single lipgloss, which is also ridiculous imho. Although if I throw in a few more lightweight items, postage gets bumped up to $7+ which, divided by the number of items, makes it more equitable. Nevertheless, this disadvantages small purchases.

I’m not sure why Silk Naturals can’t offer, let’s say a US$10 discount off international shipping for US$125 of purchases to sweeten the deal. Just stopping it makes it really abrupt and I have to admit, I’ve been spoilt by the last few years of free shipping that’s why I’m being whiney.

While this won’t put me off Silk Naturals completely, I’d just stop getting heavier items and limiting my purchases to smaller ones. Which will help my bank a/c 🙂

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