Lipgloss Review: Maybelline Superstay Gloss in 120

Here’s one of the items I received in a PIF from Chanty’s, the Maybelline Superstay Gloss in colour 120.

It’s definitely not a newly released product but I’m not sure if it ever made it to Singapore shores.

Dual ended with the pink coloured gloss at one end and a transparent high shine gloss at the other.

Used side number 1, the coloured side first. Let dry for 2 minutes or more, depending on how many coats you have on. Then apply side 2, the transparent high shine gloss.

You get a sponge-tip applicator for the coloured side.

A flat brush tip applicator for the high-shine transparent gloss. If you don’t let the coloured lipgloss dry completely, you get staining on the brush, like what I’ve done here.

This is how the coloured side looks on my lips after it’s dried out. Before applying the high shine gloss. My tip to you is to apply only 1 layer and even it out. Anything thicker will lengthen the drying time and will cause it to flake off towards the end of the wear time! You absolutely HAVE to use a conditioning balm or gloss after the coloured layer dries, as it ACCENTUATES and adds to every single line on your lip, ageing the lip area. EEKS.

That aside, 120 is a fresh looking golden pink.

Here’s how my lips look – much moisturised and without the deep lines, after the transparent high-shine gloss goes on. The staying power lies with the coloured side, not the high shine transparent gloss, so feel free to substitute the transparent gloss with a balm or any other lip product.

Hand swatch

While I think the colour is absolutely TDF and such a fresh looking shade without trying too hard to look young, I hate the formula. It’s really drying on the lips, although a conditioning balm over it does help. It also comes off on my straws and glasses although most of the shade remains intact on my lips. For up to about 4 hours or so. If you have on too thick a layer it starts flaking off around the 3rd hour mark.

Mucho room for improvement, Maybelline! Buy only if you get it cheap, definitely not recommended, sorry!

~*Item received in a PIF. Opinions are my own*~


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