Makeup I’m Currently Loving…

The weather’s getting warmer, the work’s getting… hectic and sleep is…scarce.

Which means I’m trying to catch as much shut-eye as I can. So, less is more when it comes to dolling myself up in the mornings.

Nothing beats restoring a glow to a tired/haggard face than liquids. So it’s either the Bourjois Healthy Mix liquid foundation in 53 or the Smart Girls Who Surf tinted moisturiser SPF 20 in medium, since I’m about an NC25ish right now as my tan fades.

Topped off with Lucy Minerals’ Finishing Powder in OCC formula for a non-cakey look and to set the liquids nicely.

To perk up my sleepy small slit eyes, I use the Too Faced Glamour to Go Dream Edition palette. The top 2 shades work as an all over colour and to brighten up the eye area. On occasion, I use the bottom leftmost grey shade and blend it out, to create more depth to my eyes.

Since we’re technically in Spring, I go for coral flushes on my cheeks with either the Silk Naturals Cream Blush in Amuse or Milani’s Corallina baked blush.

Topping off the look with the lipgloss in the Too Faced palette, as well as the bronzer and blush duo (perfect for re-doing my makeup after lunchtime gym sessions). Silk Naturals’ Sugar Kisser Slicker lipgloss is subtle and frosty, keeping it light. Majolica Majorca’s Lash Enamel Glamour Volume mascara (waterproof) to open up my eyes, along with the Indelible Liners in either Prism or Penthouse for more definition.

As I do use eyedrops owing to computer strain and dryness from the office airconditioning, waterproof liners and mascaras are an absolute must for me.

What are your absolute essentials for a natural/light madeup look?

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4 Responses to Makeup I’m Currently Loving…

  1. Cait says:

    I love the Bourjois foundation as well! Will be my go-to for the summer months ahead.

  2. Eclectic says:

    Hi Aud,

    Its me again. I caved in & bought DG’s Pumpkin King n Still ur Sunshine last week. Thanks to your nice swatches!

    Is the SN Amuse cream blush oily? Pore clogging? I’m contemplating to get the Candy one to use as a base for my Tart Light. I’m NC15-20.Meow Frisky Abysinnian.

    I love this post. We could always do with a bit of streamlining,makeup wise…so thanks:) every morning I usually just swipe on sunblock,SN oil cntrl blur,Revlon eyeliner,SN /Fyrinnae blush n Badgers lipbalm n off I whisk my 2 girls to school..and for a 2.4 /5km run after that. I’m curious as to what makeup u wear to the gym(if any)..or do u remove it prior to workout in case of clogged pores?

    • Nope, I don’t feel the cream blusher oily at all and I’ve not gotten any breakouts from it.
      I don’t have on makeup in the gym, just sunblock. I always remove my makeup with micellar lotion (Avene or Bioderma), slap on water-resistant and non eye irritating sunblock and start to work out. Plenty of colleagues work out in the gym at lunch too, so I’d feel strange if I were to do so with makeup on!

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