Sunscreen Review: Lierac High Hydration Cream SPF 50

My sunscreen-loving pal passed me a tube of Lierac High Hydration Cream SPF 50 a few months back. Only got around to trying it recently after I’d finished a few tubes of sunscreen 🙂

Since it was passed to me, I have no idea of the price. But it’s available at BHG Bugis Junction.

It claims to be anti-aging, delicate areas (suitable for) and water-resistant.

With anti-oxidant spices and cactus fig, how exotic!

The chemical UV blockers here are EHM and Titanium Oxide, so it’s compatible with SPF makeup, as there’s no avobenzone. Made in France and to be used up in 6 months.

It’s a cream and it comes out so, white and untinted. Lightly fragranced with a generic, pleasant skincare scent that doesn’t irk my nose.

Even my on my currently tanned skin, it sinks in quite quickly when rubbed, without leaving a noticeable white cast. I’ve used this fairly close to my eye area and am happy to report that this did not irritate my eyes.

However, there’re 3 things I don’t like about it.

(A) There’s a glistening, slightly tacky look and feel to the sunscreen that doesn’t leave my face.

(B) It’s really very hydrating and would be suitable for very dry skin rather than my combi skin that’s lightly dehydrated with slightly shiny areas at times.

(C) I’ve yet to figure out what causes it, but there’s certain sunscreens that cause my foundation (mineral/liquid/powder) to “separate” or cake up lightly on my face. This is one of them. I’m not sure which ingredient is the culprit.

Some advice from the included pamphlet.

I’d recommend this only to really dry ladies that don’t use foundation and want a decent sunblock with great moisturising properties. This IS it.

However, for those that use makeup and don’t like a glistening finish, please steer clear. I’m currently using this on my neck and decollete to finish it up, so not all is lost!

~*Item reviewed by me was a personal gift*~

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