My First Megsmakeup Box! Hurray!

Instead of a monthly beauty subscription box, Megsmakeup lets you decide when you want to cash in your points. Just sign up for an account, comment and vote to get your points and you can cash them at different stages, at 50, 150 and 250 points! For international non-US people like ME, worry not. It’s a US$15 per cashout to cover delivery costs. The goodies are, technically, FREE!

Check them out!

These are all FULL SIZED Spanking new and mostly sealed items! For just US$15!

No crummy dingy samples, no silly vouchers that require you to spend 5 times the amount before you can redeem $50, etc. etc. etc. No cheap trashy brand. No dodgy weird stuff. No unnecessary packaging. No frills, but just darn great value!!!

I got:

  • Aero Minerale Makeup Mist Hydrating Mineral Primer in Sheer
  • Murad Soothing Skin, Lip and Cuticle Care
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara in Gifted
  • Urban Decay Stardust eyeshadow in 54
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr eyeshadow in Pomegranate Punk
  • Aero Minerale 100% cotton cosmetic puff and headwrap set

With the exception of the Maybelline eyeshadow, I can see myself using everything else. Besides, the retail price of a Tarte mascara (US$18) more than covers the postage! [Bellabox, Vanity Trove, yadda yadda yadda, are you reading this?]

I am 85% sure I’ll be cancelling my Bellabox subscription after this month and just sticking to Megsmakeup.

The only drawback? Meg is only able to post every 2 – 3 months. My first redemption was on 12 Dec, apparently missing the cutoff for the previous posting and this package only arrived close to 3 months later. But is it worth the wait?


I’ve spoken , so go on and sign up for your Megsmakeup account today (top right corner of my blog or any of these hyperlinks) and start collecting those points!

~*Items were redeemed with a US$15 payment by me*~

PS: Work’s really hectic lately so I won’t be able to post that often.

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2 Responses to My First Megsmakeup Box! Hurray!

  1. LT says:

    Glad you liked your first Meg’s package. I received similar items as you. I wish I rec’d the cosmetic puff instead of the bronzer though.

  2. I’m still waiting for 2 more boxes to arrive. If I get the puff again, I could mail it to you? 🙂

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