Skincare Review: Avene Rebalancing Soothing Emusion

It’s been sometime since I last blogged about an Avene product, but this doesn’t mean I’ve stopped using them.

The Avene Rebalancing Soothing Emulsion’s not something I’d have bought a full size of or even been tempted to try, if a sample size hadn’t been given to me by the generous Guardian SA. Several 5ml tubes of them, actually.

Which I’ve used mainly at my lunchtime gym sessions at work and grew to love. As I have  to remove my makeup before my gym session and wash my face again after perspiring it out, I was on the lookout for something to soothe and rebalance my skin without being a fuss to use.

This is geared towards sensitive skin and seeks to restore the balance between dry/oily/combination with gentle ingredients. A 50ml tube of this retails at S$30.50 (US$24+) at Guardian Pharmacies, TTSH, Watson’s. Easy to get hold of so long as they sell Avene products.

The ingredients are really simple:

Avene thermal spring water, capric triglyceride (coconut oil), safflower seed oil, sucrose stearate, PEG 8, sucrose distearate, diethylhexyl succinate, benzoic acid, BHT, carbomer, chlorphenesin, disodium EDTA, fragrance, phenoxyethanol, sodium hylauronate, tocopheryl glucoside, triethanolamine.

But note that this does contain a light fragrance and phenoxyethanol. Although there are a couple of oils in the ingredients near the top, this does not feel the least bit oily on me at all. There’s also hyaluronic acid within.

There are no silicones and no parabens, which might be important to some. No silicones = less chance of this product being comedogenic and clogging up your pores in my books.

One of the reasons why I love this for use at the gym is the lightness of this emulsion. I squeeze about a 5 cent coin size of it for my face and neck, to be applied after cleansing and spritzing my face with toner or thermal water. There is a light, fresh fragrance that doesn’t linger nor niggle. The texture is so light and sinks in almost immediately upon application. This also does not sting my eyes when used near the eye area, which ups the plus factor for me.

Personally, this isn’t moisturising enough for me without a sunscreen or moisturiser atop, as I have normal – dry combination skin in the airconditioned office. However, for oily and oily-normal combination skins, this alone might suffice without something more moisturising atop.

I have also not found this emulsion to cause any pilling for me with the sunscreens I use, as well as my foundation (be they mineral powder or liquid).

With the frequent 20% off Avene products, this brings down the price to S$24+ for a 50ml tube that can last around 2 – 3 months depending on how frequently you use this product. I’d highly recommend this for sensitive skin and acne prone ones as well. If you are towards the oily side, this might also suffice as the lightest of emulsions and a good basic moisturiser for you.

~*Item reviewed purchased by me*~


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