Springtiming 2012 at Sweet Anthem

It’s been sometime since I last did a review on Sweet Anthem perfumes, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been slacking from sampling the new scents!

For Springtiming 2012, a total of 5 scents were released.


Out of the 5, I selected perfume oil samples of Gwendolyn, Margaret and Rowena in my latest purchase.

Gwendolyn is described as:

Amber, Black Tea, Lily of the Valley, Honeysuckle, Hyacinth, White Ginger

A friendly springtiming tea suitable for any queen we know – steeped with wild, aldehydic florals, a dash of soft ginger, and a slightly tepid musk to leave our heads swimming.

PS: Aldehydic = aldehyde http://sp.dictionary.com/dictstatic/d/g/speaker.swf (āl’də-hīd’) Pronunciation Key

Any of a class of highly reactive organic compounds obtained byoxidation of certain alcohols and containing the group CHO.Aldehydes are used in manufacturing resins, dyes, and organic acids.

My impressions – Among Gwendolyn’s notes, I had reservations about the honeysuckle and hyacincth, as they tend to turn sweet on me, from various products of such scents I’ve tried. To my surprise, Gwendolyn smells nothing like what I’d have thought. The amber and black tea are pretty strong in this concoction on my skin, but the whole mix of scents smells surprisingly reminiscent of FA soap to me. It’s on the heady side and the scents take a bit of time to discern, with honeysuckle pretty dominant among the flowers. If you like to make a heady, floral impression, Gwen’s your grand dame. If you’d prefer a subtler entrance, check out the other 2 scents I’m reviewing 🙂


Guava, Rose Otto, Vetiver, White Tea

When the war is too much to bear, find comfort in this ancient melange of rose and vetiver, and settle into the evening with a guava-sweetened white tea.

My impressions – While Margaret bears the simplest and shortest of notes amongst the Springtiming scents, it was the one I was most fearful of, as I dislike rose scents. You name it, I dislike it. Rosewater, hydrosols, generic and designer rose-based perfumes, thanks but no thanks. While I won’t say no to the scent of fresh roses straight off the petals, rose perfumes generally give me a headache. But I couldn’t resist the lure of “guava”, a fruit I like and am lucky to get almost all year round in Singapore.

Margaret did not disappoint at all. The beauty lies in the simplicity and complementary of the notes here. Margaret opens like fresh guava on me, a lighthearted and uplifting scent with just the slightest hint of light fruity sweetness but without the cloying saccharine high that go with fruity scents. The white tea base and vetiver help to temper with the rose otto , such that it’s almost imperceptible, but yields a certain something among the notes that keeps me guessing. While it’s a light, well-balanced scent that radiates goodness and freshness, it develops a certain warmth to the notes as time goes by. I got about 5 hours of wear from Margaret today before needing to dab a bit more and both times with a very, very light hand, to maximise my sample 😉

In my opinion, Margaret makes a good gift if you’re in doubt as to what sort of scents your recipient likes (or her age :P). It’s certainly a daytime fragrance on the feminine side and bound to be a crowd pleaser. I’m getting a full size, yes I am!


Cassis, Cognac, Green Tea, Golden Champa, Lavender, Pink Grapefruit, White Champa

Hypnotic: white and golden champa, green tea infused with lavender, all adorned with a trio of quintessential citrus notes — cassis, cognac, and grapefruit.

My impressions – Have you ever tried boiling chrysanthemum petals in a pot of water to yield chrysanthemum tea? Rowena opens as such. I get a slightly herbaceous (though by no means as herbal as Ayn!) and strongly chrysanthemum-reminiscent opening from Rowena, even though chrysanthemum doesn’t feature among the notes! I suspect it has to do with the cognac, cassis and green tea, with the pink grapefruit and lavender assisting the slightly bitter note to chrysanthemum tea (undiluted with sugar). Rowena morphs on me to yield the sweeter notes of the champa flowers after a few minutes, with just slightly bitter overtones to it. This is a scent I did not like at first whiff on my wrist, but one I certainly enjoy when the champas warm up to the occasion with their slight sweetness. It’s not a citrus-y scent per se on me or at least, not overtly so. I’d recommend this for non teenagers 🙂

The other 2 scents, Corrin and Esther, are described as:

Corrin – Black Tea, Civet, Cherry Blossom, Moroccan Rose, Myrrh, White Ginger
Hey, don’t you wanna buy her candy? Fruity strawberries, a smoky rosy center, an old trade route tea and expensive resins in between.

Esther – Almond, Coconut, Honey, Lychee, Orchid, Sandalwood, White Chocolate

A gourmand meeting of sweet chocolate, flowers, and candies. Flirtatiously yummy with a fluffy white chocolate-sandalwood dry down.

As I’m not a foodie or fruity scent fan, I decided to give them a miss. However, they sound certainly intriguing enough to at least sample if you’re not averse to foodie scents!

~*Items reviewed were purchased by me*~

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