Skincare Review: Silk Whitia Mineral Cation Moisture Firming Mask

While I’ve been pretty constantly using my Silk Whitia masks, I have, however, been very remiss in reviewing them, because they’re so much a regular weekly part of my skincare routine 🙂

Purchased at the sale price of S$1.95 at Sasa. This is a large-sized sachet.

I have no idea what SPM3 is but the ingredients do look good for a sheet mask.


Light and slightly floral, but not too strong


Lots of essence to thoroughly soak the sheet mask within and for more too!


This does moisturise very well, even after rinsing the residual essence away. The skin does have a slight “boing boing” (think SK2) firming feel to it and was slightly brightened too 🙂

As there’s so much essence left over in the sachet, I’ve popped in 2 of these compressed sheet masks from Abbamart (currently no longer on their website) to soak up the essence for separate masking sessions. Now THAT’s value!

I’d recommend Silk Whitia’s sheet masks anytime and the Silk Whitia Mineral Cation Moisture Firming Mask is a decent one that works as described.

~*Item reviewed purchased by me*~


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