Too Faced Beautiful Dreamer 2011 Swatches and Review

Here’s the slightly overdue blog post on the Too Faced Beautiful Dreamer 2011 set.

(All photos can be clicked on to view them in their original sizes & all swatches are on bare skin with no primer/base)

That’s the box to the left.

Ingredients and country of origin as listed. Unlike the Glamour To Go, these are Made in USA or Canada, except for the makeup bag.

In this set, you get the infamous Shadow Insurance in Candlelight, an eyeshadow quad, the lashgasm mascara, a bronzer/blush duo and a lipgloss. And the cute makeup bag.

Makeup Bag in background.


That’s a comparison pic of the makeup bag next to the palm-sized Glamour To Go palette.

I believe all the items, except for the Shadow insurance (5g instead of 11g), are full sized.

That’s a pretty big tube of lipgloss that I’m not sure when I’d ever use all of.

The Shadow Insurance in Candlelight is a lovely, slightly metallic golden shade, which can be worn on its own or as a base for other eyeshadows.

Pink Swan Lipgloss has a rather strong floral/fruity scent and is really too light in shade to show up on most lips, except for the silver microglitter.

Lashgasm is a volume-building rather than length-building mascara and has a cute spikey cudgel like tip that looks a bit threatening to be used so close to the eye. As it’s not water-resistant, I’ve not tried this out yet.

I LOVE the ultra girly fantasy themed compacts that house the eyeshadow quad and blusher/bronzer duo. Which is which? Check next pic.

At least this collection names all the shades.

Sun Bunny and Who’s Your Poppy are rather matte-looking in their pans.

Both are very subtle shades that would work on NC20 or fairer, imo.

Applied very liberally with my brushes, but they aren’t really pigmented and are subtle flushes of colour, which I do like.

Camera flash picks up a very faint sheen from the mica.

Texture-wise they’re pretty firm without being too hard nor soft and powdery in the compact and apply cleanly without fallout with an almost matte finish.

Out of these 4 shades, Satin Sheets and Blonde Ambition caught my eye. How do they perform?

Teddy Bear, the milk-chocolate shade, is the only matte.

One last shot of the rather neutral leaning, subtle eyeshadow shades in their pans, looking pristine.

The eyeshadow swatches were executed with spongetip applicators and applied on liberally.

Blonde Ambition and Totally Toasted are pigmented enough, but Teddy Bear and Satin Sheets are somewhat lacking in pigmentation, if that’s what you prefer.

If I were to use this quad, I’d do a lid wash with Blonde Ambition, line with Totally Toasted and highlight with Satin Sheets. As for Teddy Bear, maybe smudge it along my lower lashline.

Natural light renders them somewhat chalkier-looking than they really are.

I’d definitely recommend primers to be used with this eyeshadow quad.

On balance, I love the packaging and sizes of the items in this set. The blusher/bronzer duo are great shades that would look right on all fairer skintones. The eyeshadow quad has a couple of winners in Totally Toasted and Blonde Ambition but 2/4 isn’t saying much.

The entire theme of this set seems to be on a lightly madeup, barely there look, with subtle shimmer/gloss, with the colours leaning to the cool end of the spectrum but not overly so.

I’ve not put this set to use yet as I’m still springcleaning but unless you score it at a bargain price or a good discount comes along, I wouldn’t be rushing to get it.

~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~


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One Response to Too Faced Beautiful Dreamer 2011 Swatches and Review

  1. Kookith says:

    Blond Ambition looks pretty, but I have to say that I am absolutely in love with TFSI Candlelight!! Oh my!

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