My 3rd Essence Cosmetics Haul… Again! :D

The weekend just past was a very productive and rewarding one. I hung out with friends, had good meals, worked out a tad, ran errands and managed to snag up the following in less than 5 minutes 🙂 since I was around one of the Watson’s that sells Essence Cosmetics.

Third Essence Cosmetics Haul


  • Essence Lipstick in 40 Look at Me! and 55 Coralize Me! for S$4.30 each
  • Essence Colour & Go nailpolish in 50 Irreplaceable S$2.80
  • Essence Bronzing Compact Powder Matte S$6.50
  • Essence XXXL Nudes Lipgloss in 03 Nude Kiss S$3.90
  • Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil (these are self-sharpening) in 14 Think Khaki and 11 Go Wild at S$3.30 each.

Total dent to the wallet for 7 items? Just S$28.40 😀

~*Items featured purchased by me*~


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8 Responses to My 3rd Essence Cosmetics Haul… Again! :D

  1. Fun haul! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one going nuts with new releases at the drugstore (I guess newly available in your case). I’m plotting another drugstore purchase this week because I have CVS extrabucks to use.

    • Everything’s so marked up in Singapore because of the smaller domestic market (no economies of scale), it’s really too easy to go crazy over Essence! Have fun at CVS! Will check your blog to see what you’d be getting 🙂

  2. Apple Teo says:

    My essence haul on last friday at taka..
    kajal pencil – 19 all i want
    kajal pencil – 17 neon sweetie
    french matte – 04 pretty matte
    color to go – 50 Irreplaceable
    we got the same color ^^

  3. Kookith says:

    I was looking for these but they didn’t have it at Raffles City! I want the Essence nailpolishes! I am wearing an Essence teal glitter polish on my toes (from the US) and I love it so.

  4. FS.Rain says:

    Hi there, which watson’s sells essence cosmetics…. Heh.. Sorry, just saw your reply, guess I’ll head to town. Btw, I wanted to know how you find the matte bronzer? are there a few other shades available?

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