Sequel: Essence Cosmetics / Makeup is NOW IN SINGAPORE!

Alright, so I have a couple more things to update. Firstly, Essence is currently available at the following Watsons stores:

  • Ngee Ann City
  • Sun Plaza
  • Lucky Plaza

According to the distributor, there are plans to expand their presence in Singapore soon! I hope so too.

Essence Singapore has a FACEBOOK PAGE.

In case you’re wondering how the counter looks like, here’s a photo of a fully stocked shelf at Sun Plaza not too long ago…

The Counter @ Sun Plaza (taken off Essence's Facebook)


And here’s how the Ngee Ann City’s shelves looked yesterday.

Taken with my Blackberry so crappy quality.

Plenty of nail polishes, the Ballerina collection AND lipsticks were WIPED OUT.

Lipglosses and certain mascaras? GONE. Cream eyeshadows? GONE. Eye brushes? GONE. Duo eyeshadows? ONLY 1 on the shelf.

Mousse foundations? Plenty gone. Bronzers? Only a few remaining. Blushers and mosaic compacts? WIPED OUT except for a stray couple. Trio concealer? GONE. The foundations at the bottom are still going strong.

46 Taupe of the Pops is TOPS

If you’re wondering if you can pick up more #46 Taupe of the Pops Mono eyeshadows at Lucky Plaza and Ngee Ann City? Don’t bother looking before Essence restocks. I swiped the remaining ones today 😀 (4 are a custom purchase for a friend)


I also picked up these 3 nail polishes. The 2 coloured ones (5ml each) were only S$2.80 each and the quick dry topcoat? S$3.70 for 8ml.

44 Modern Romance is a frosty light pinkish beige shade. 82 Rich & Pretty is basically the Taupe of the Pops eyeshadow in nail polish form, with fine glitter 😛


Here’s one coat of #82 Rich & Pretty. The nail polish shades match their covers, which I didn’t realise.

Modern Romance

Here’s one coat of #44 Modern Romance.

Both nail polishes have a pretty watery consistency and are made in France. The trick to applying them is to have just a little on the brush to apply on the nails to yield an even, sheer-ish shade. That was what I did with #82. If you have too much on the brush applicator, you’ll get #44 which is got slightly streaky as I was trying to spread out too much nail polish on a smaller nail surface.

I really enjoy these value for money shades with a wide range to choose from. Will be getting myself a few mattes to try the next time!

~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~


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5 Responses to Sequel: Essence Cosmetics / Makeup is NOW IN SINGAPORE!

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  2. Adwenna says:

    Thank you for reviewing #44!! I had a terrible time trying to apply it like other nail polishes–I will try the method you suggest. I had ended up putting on 2 coats, but I really think 1 coat looks better (if it’s even).

    • Let me know if it works! I’ve not touched 44 since I reviewed it. Will bring it out the next weekend to try again over my Gelish pedicure

    • I’ve not used #44 ever since!

      • Adwenna says:

        Well, I tried this with and without base coat–maybe I just got a lemon, but it dries way too fast (and I live in a wet climate!). One of these days I’ll try adding nail polish remover to thin it out, but I’ll probably avoid this brand in the future.

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