Fashion Spotlight: The Asos Square Neck Jersey Dress

You know how it is. Everyone really just needs 1 of anything in the wardrobe. 1 SFW sleeveless dress, 1 SFW shift dress, 1 SFW short sleeved dress, 1 SFW suit (in various shades), 1  garden party dress, 1 garden wedding dress, 1 church wedding dress, 1 Chinese wedding dinner dress, 1 beach dress, 1 weekend romper, 1 stylish pantsuit, 1 jumpsuit and the list goes on.

I finally found something that really works for work, feels very comfy on and comes with short sleeves that aren’t capped.

Asos Jersey Dress with Square Neck

Let me introduce you to the very imaginatively named – Asos Jersey Dress with Square Neck. Made of 95% viscose and 5% elastane, the fabric feels just like a t-shirt, but with stretch. It hangs nicely down to mid-knee or slightly lower if you’re short like me. Covers decently yet smartly and helps to hide flaws too, with its slightly higher than natural elasticated waistline. The sleeves are properly short and not capped, which hides chicken wings (that’s a euphemism).

The square neck elongates neck proportion and is suitable to showcase necklaces or just to look smarter than a basic boat or round neck. The details at both sides of the square neck add a touch of style to an otherwise really simple dress.


Also available in a classic black. Originally at 30 quid, it’s now going at just 12 quid. I paid more than 12 quid for this a few weeks back for both colours 😦 Ah well, such is the nature of sales.

Grab it while it’s still available – with FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. The size fits true for this.

PS: LATE10 gives you an additional 10% off right now 😉

~*Item featured is based on my personal purchase and opinions*~


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