2011 Discovery: Whipped Soaps

Shower gels or bar soaps have always been the norm here in Singapore for me. More the former than the latter, since soaps tend to get mushy here in this humidity, especially when kept in the bathroom.

I didn’t even know what whipped soaps were, until I made my first Etsy purchase with a Heartsy voucher from a bath and body seller. Since then, I’ve been stocking up on these jars and jars of lovely scented and different textured whipped soaps. Almost like a compulsion. Thanks to the lower US dollar this year, which helped to offset shipping.

Tip: Use USPS Global Priority Flat Rate Envelopes to maximise shipping.

Nylon washcloths at just $2/piece at Daiso

Whipped soaps are really soap in a jar, but with a soft, sherbet-y texture. They’re scented in various scents using either essential or fragrance oils, evoking a spa in the bathroom concept. The ones on Etsy are usually sold in 4 oz jars and I get between 2 – 3 weeks of use out of 1 jar, if I shower once daily with it. Certain whipped soaps can also be used in the bath for a bubble bath as they sud up really well. However, since I don’t have one at home, I’ve yet to try.

I scoop a little onto one of these nylon washcloths for a lovely, bubble-filled scrubby session in the shower. 2 of my current favourite scented whipped soaps are the Bubbly Champagne and Eucalyptus-and-Spearmint from Anderson Soap Company.

The amount scooped out of the Bubbly Champagne Whipped Soap jar you see above was more than enough for 2 showers with plenty of lather. These whipped soaps are usually free from parabens, propylene glycol, SLS and harsh chemicals. Mostly vegan too, depending on the individual seller’s formulation.

They’re easy to use, not at all drying for my skin and the washcloths rinse out easily. They clean well and no greasy film is left on the skin. These whipped soaps have also become my favourite travelling companion to pack in my toiletry bag, as they do not leak, unlike shower gels. I plan to book myself a hotel room with a bath tub for my upcoming trip just to try out how these whipped soaps perfume as bubble baths!

~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~


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