Asian Label Review: Elisha Coy Always Nuddy BB 24 Blemish Balm

Hitting the gym during lunch at my workplace hasn’t helped me to lose weight (since I work in the extension of a mall with great food!), but has helped me to use more of my skincare and  makeup 🙂

The Elisha Coy Always Nuddy BB 24 Blemish Balm is one of the cream foundations or bases I carry in my gym bag for easy and quick application after my shower. This was purchased at TWO 50 ml tubes for S$20 (US$15.32) at an atrium sale a few months back. The price of just one 50ml tube is normally S$40 alone! So what a score at 75% off the retail price in Singapore. No doubt it’d be cheaper in Korea.

Ingredients and Instructions

As you can see from the English translation printed at the side, it’s a mix of chemicals and natural extracts. As with most BB creams, the ECANBB24 also has silicones and parabens. With the natural extracts at the bottom of the ingredient list, which essentially means – not a lot. While there’s titanium dioxide listed as an ingredient, there’s no effective SPF rating for this. I also can’t quite figure out what the 24 stands for.

There are no colour choices. Only 1 shade is available.

That’s the sales spiel at the back of the box. Which I’ll have to admit I didn’t read before using 😛

The consistency of the BB cream is rather liquid-y, which explains why there’s such a huge amount on the back of my hand. Which also means it’s slightly thin and easy to spread and apply. Colour-wise, this leans beige and has slightly grey undertones.

Here’s a comparison photo next to 2 other liquid/cream foundation bases, which shows up the colour contrast so much better. The Elisha Coy is obviously beige with grey undertones here. My favourite Skin Food Agave Cactus BB cream in #1 is a brighter and lighter beige (used when I’m between NC20 – 25), rather neutral and maybe slightly yellow. The Bourjois Biodetox in #53, which I only use when I’m about an NC30 is the most yellow-toned.

Despite its seeming ashiness, the Elisha Coy Always Nuddy BB 24 actually blends in very well when I’m an NC 20 – 25 yellow-based WARM skintone, although it leans more towards NC25. It works because of its consistency – runny – as well as the coverage, which is a light-medium at best. As I’m currently more of an NC 20 (I match my foundation to my neck, which is wayyyy lighter than my face!), I’ve not been using this that much.

This BB cream is really easy to use and I apply it on my face with a flat top or kabuki brush. This doesn’t streak and sets pretty fast. It is layerable but you won’t get far beyond a light-medium coverage, so concealer is definitely required for zits and dark circles. However, as it’s very moisturising and does NOT dry out my skin, it’s really perfect for my work climate (infernal airconditioning in The Tropics) and doesn’t sink into lines too. As this barely has oil control, setting with powder is a must if you don’t have absolutely dry skin.

In the mornings, when I have time and would like a really flawless complexion, I use the Elisha Coy Always Nuddy BB 24 as a base, before stippling on the lightest layer of Lucy Minerals’ foundation. The BB cream creates a perfect and lightweight, moisturising canvas for the LM mineral foundation and prevents the almost full coverage mineral foundation from going patchy.

Would I re-purchase this?

This was a great buy at 2 tubes for S$20, which I didn’t even realise at that time that it was. Until I went home to google the price and check out the retail counters at my neighbourhood mall. That said, no way would I fork out full price as the Skin Food Agave Cactus works better for me and is really what I require, cutting out the concealer step. Having said that, this really is an awesome base for mineral foundation and I would still keep an eye for this at atrium sales and the like. One suggestion I’d care to make to Elisha Coy is to introduce a slightly lighter shade for their Always Nuddy BB 24.

~*Item reviewed purchased by me*~

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2 Responses to Asian Label Review: Elisha Coy Always Nuddy BB 24 Blemish Balm

  1. Kookith says:

    Nuddy… hehehe!

    I tried the Skin Food BB cream samples before and I didn’t like them. They didn’t really meld with my skin and it was ashy. I’m looking for something like what you have here, it really blended in and disappeared into your skin.

  2. What about the Skin Food Agave Cactus in #1? It’s not at all ashy on me. Btw, I only managed to mail out the Annabelle sample today. Left it on my desk but only remembered to post it out today 🙂 my bad!

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