Swatches: Noir Blanc Skinny Type Lip Gloss

I’ve had fun admiring and swatching these Noir Blanc Skinny Type Lip Gloss colours from Sasa Cosmetics. Have to admit, I get a kick out of placing them side by side too.

The lipgloss pens come in lil’plastic sleeves that list the ingredients, origin, as well as expiry date. Funny enough, the amount isn’t listed, but I’d say it’s about 3.5ml worth or less, which is pretty standard.

Made with beeswax, castor oil, shea butter and a whole lot of other chemicals.

Instructions are also in Chinese and Japanese, in addition to English. These are colour coded NBT-XX from 01 – 15 gorgeous shades.

These pens are your standard “twist-and-click”sort, but with flat rubber/plastic applicators at the end rather than a brush. The applicator is firm, but does have a bit of give. It applies flat, which helps in getting a precise line and application on the lips. I really like them. If you’re layering over another lipcolour, these applicators tend to disturb the base colour less than a brush would. It took me about 50+ clicks before the colour started dispensing for the first time. Thereafter, just a couple of clicks sufficed to get enough out for the lips.

Moving on to the swatches below. Skin swatches have just 1 single coat of lipgloss 🙂

NBT-02 is one of my favourites, a light strawberry pink with fine red/silver glitter.

NBT-03 is a mauve-ish raspberry sort of shade that pulls slightly cool but not overly so, with red/silver glitter.

NBT-11 is another of my favourites, a girly light pink with gold glitter.

NBT-12 is a light lilac with shimmer, leaning just a tad cool with silver glitter.

NBT-14 is a bolder pink with lovely gold glitter.

NBT-15 is a light pink that has more gold in it than pink. Another of my favourites 🙂

Although the lipglosses I chose have glitter in them, there were a few other shades that are just glossy without glitter, ranging from caramel to nude to a few shades of light milky pink. Oh and probably a light red too.

Definitely worth checking them out at Sasa at just S$5.90 a pop!

Worn on its own, the glosses are moderately moisturising and reasonably pigmented for lipglosses. They’re veerrrrry *slightly* tacky but not enough for me to feel yucky about them. No way will they last you through a meal but for a few sips with a straw they work just fine. The glitter is very fine and does not feel gritty at all.

Single coat of NBT-15

Here’s a single coat of NBT-15 on my bare lips. With a flattering tinge of colour and  lovely gold glitter that catch and reflect the light.

Makes me want to run out and grab the other shades, just to complete the collection 😛

~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~


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2 Responses to Swatches: Noir Blanc Skinny Type Lip Gloss

  1. LT says:

    These are really pretty Aud! The applicator is really interesting. I’ve never seen this type of applicator before. Too bad we don’t have a Sasa in the States…at least I don’t think so.

    03 looks like something I’d totally pick out. I’m always picking the colors that lean towards the cooler spectrum. I need to branch out though!

    • I know what you mean. I gravitate towards the same shades too!
      It’s really interesting isn’t it, the applicator? And it works too. I much prefer this to the doefoot ones as it’s way more hygienic as well.

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