Surprise Lip Tint Fave of the Year

I do like my lip products, to put it mildly. It’s quite an obsession for someone that wasn’t even interested in makeup at all until just a handful of years ago.

One of my last Heartsy vouchers was Ophelia’s Apothecary’s 2nd or 3rd Heartsy run. For those who might remember from my last OA review (, the bath and body products left me kind of blah. But I had read on a few independent blogs like this ( about their lip tints, so I picked up a couple to try with a Heartsy voucher – it’s like discount shopping. Shipping took quite a bit of time but I was amply prepared for the wait this time round (and also entertained myself with a few other new lip products in the meantime).

OA's Gilded Ruby

At US$7.75 a pop, OA’s lip tints are on the slightly expensive side for an Indie company. So I wasn’t all too keen except with a Heartsy voucher, being spoilt by Silk Naturals’, Lucy Minerals’ and Darling Girl’s pricepoints.

The lip tint came shrinkwrapped and with a lovely designed label that isn’t waterproof (so don’t let it near any liquid or wet surface). Standard oval tube which I actually prefer to the round ones.

Gilded Ruby is described as:

Beautifully ruby red with a ribbons of gold swirling through…just beautiful. This is the second in our summer tint collection…you may ask, what is the difference between this, and say, poppy….this one is loaded with twice the color, and is more of a deep red than the poppy colorwash of red! This tint is enriched in shea butter and loaded with the taste and refreshing feeling of real peppermint oil.

Other ingredients listed include candelilla wax, vitamin E and olive oil.

My personal preference for lip tints is to have good colour payoff that shows on my lips, but keeping it sheer. Gilded Ruby fits my idea of a great lip tint to a T. The swatch on your left is just 1 coat of Gilded Ruby – what a wash of colour! The swatch to your right is heavily layered, resulting in the colour slightly more intensified than a single coat’s worth. While Gilded Ruby is a slightly cool ruby pink, it’s not too cool for my warm skintone and neither is the shimmer that obvious.

Texture wise it’s not hard but neither is it on the mushy side. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be left in warm places or pockets.

Gilded Ruby Lips

If you have no allergies to shea butter, this formula is really TDF. It goes on very smooth and with a lovely glossy sheen and leaves my lips feeling very moisturised. I especially love the tingle the peppermint oil gives that does last for a quarter of an hour for me.

Still Gilded Ruby

Here’s another shot of Gilded Ruby on my lips but under a different light.

I’ve made a few more purchases of different coloured lip tints from OA at full price ($7.75), as well as a couple more during their last Black Friday flash sales 😀 Couldn’t resist. This is, really, one of my favourite liptint finds of 2011.

Will be back with more new swatches when the items have been shipped out.

~*Item reviewed was purchased with a Heartsy voucher*~


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6 Responses to Surprise Lip Tint Fave of the Year

  1. LTski says:

    What?! Peppermint oil?!! Oh, my, you just made me want this so bad now!

    Gilded Ruby looks so nice on you and this is the perfect sheer red I’ve been looking for. It is a bit on the expensive side. I’ll need to keep a look out for a Heartsy voucher for this company or at least any sales from them.

    I need to bookmark them. Thanks for the review.

  2. Hello! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the good work!

  3. eclectic says:

    oh do let me know if they have any sales too..would love to try the color u tried…beautiful!

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