A Few of my Favourite Things: Body Moisturisers

Showcasing a few of my current favourite body moisturisers I’m using.

They all share something in common.

They’re all from Indie companies 😉
From Left to Right:
Latherati Soap Foundry’s Curiouser Body Lotion
(of orange marmalade mostly, on the sweet side. But I was curious about Curiouser, which is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The texture is light and slightly runny, which is great for the tropics here. A light sort of moisturiser)

Body Luxe Body Butter in Plumeria
(very feminine, floral and just the slightest bit sweet and haunting. I like it much. The texture is like whipped cream and maybe slightly stiffer than that. The best part? It has no greasy afterfeel. Might repurchase a large size when I’m done with most of my body lotions and potions.)

Epically Epic I Love Lychee Solid Lotion
(Oh how do I love thee, my dear lychee? This is the second most emollient of the lot and the solid lotions takes a bit of time to sink in. Great for rough spots and the hands)

Darling Girl Cosmetics’ Tuberose Moss Skin Quencher Dry Oil Spray
(This scent is divine. I can smell tuberose and moss as named. The moss lends a slightly deeper dimension to the tuberose and is a good mix if you like feminine scents with a bit more depth rather than light floral fruities. Being an oil spray, this is, of course, the most emollient of the lot and takes a bit of massaging to sink in fully. Best used on legs after depilating!)

~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~


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