Busy Saturday

Sunny Saturday was spent running errands, re-visiting old places, getting a watch and making some jewellery. Oh and a midnight jog to burn off some of that Saturday foodie indulgence 😛

I like the slim and flat design second. First and foremost was the rosegold colour 🙂 The face is slightly oval in shape rather than round, which can’t really be discerned in the photo. Me likey much.

Lotus on blue

Some DIY pieces that I’d be raring to make, but had to wait for my supplies to get here. Easy peasy if you have the jewellery pliers and are careful enough with all the twisting and connecting. I really love the lotus blossoms here and will probably end up getting more to make them into necklaces, bracelets and more earrings 😛 Paired with aquamarine blue glass drops to enhance the “Zen” philosophy.

Orchids at Dusk

Orchids always struck me as elegant flowers. Paired with grey faceted glass drops to make it a classy piece.

Tribal Swirls

Simple yet impactful. Subtle yet statement-making. I’m going to find a few more of these pieces in different designs to make myself a few more of these simple earrings. This pair is with 925 Sterling Silver hooks which arch up instead of down, so the weight of the wired pieces won’t pull the hook through the lobe that easily.


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