Sweet Anthem Halloween Giveaway!



Giveaway time plus important dates!

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a giveaway, so here’s the rules! Deadline is Friday at 5pm PST!

Post a recommendation on our Facebook page (you must use the recommendation box ~ do not simply post on our wall) or a review of our shop on Google Maps and be entered to win a ridiculously awesome sample pack of the Halloween fragrances – Andrej, Phoebe, and Vicky. I suppose to entice you further, I’ll reveal the notes!

This is a short and sweet release that will only be live until St. Andrew’s Day (November 30, 2011). I’m rather proud of these and quite intrigued as to what you all think of my very first fougere, Phoebe, based on the Greek goddess of the same name. 

Speaking of Winter 2011 and the ending of things, here are some dates you should be aware of if you’re planning to partake. 

  • November 18 – Fall 2011 Season Ends
  • November 30 – Halloween 2011 Season Ends
  • December 3-4Urban Craft Uprising Winter Show 2011
  • December 5 – Winter 2011 Season Begins (sneak a sniff at UCU that weekend)
  • February 29 – Winter 2011 Season Ends 

I’m planning on bringing Fall down a little before Halloween because a) I’m running out of stock very quickly, and b) it’s nice to have a wee break between releases even if I’m still here working. It’ll give me time to wrap up any orders without the worry of being able to fulfill them. If there is still stock left over, we’ll sell it here in store, but it will probably remain an offline purchase to help keep Monika and I from going completely insane. I’m also sending a box of Fall goodness to Maggie over at Pretty Indulgent shortly, so you’ll be able to grab things there, too in case you miss it here.


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