Heartsy Spotlight: Loverdoodles Pocket Mirrors!

It’s been beyond eons since I last did a Heartsy spotlight post, simply because, well, there hasn’t been much that caught my fancy. Or else the sellers only shipped within US. Boo to that in the name of globalism. Yes, borders exist. Beyond geographical ones.

Today’s Heartsy feature is on Loverdoodles (you’d never guess what they sell on etsy just from the name) – pocket mirrors!

This is a very easy shop to navigate, because it only sells one item. Pocket Mirrors! They’re priced at USD$3.50 each. Lot sales of 10, 15, 20 etc. are slightly discounted dependent on the amount, of course. International shipping starts at a very reasonable USD$2.75 for one and $0.50 for each additional.

(All photos taken off Loverdoodles’ Etsy listings)

Cherry Blossom at Sunset

These make the most awesome wedding favours AND Xmas stocking stuffers, don’t you think? I have a bevy of ladies at my workplace and I’ve placed an order for 15 of these lovelies that I’m sure will be a hit. It’s never too early to start planning 😀

Monogram and Damask

Certain listings, like this with a damask border, can be personalised with your singular initial.

It's the perfect size at 2.25 inches.

Small at 2.25 inches, it’s certainly handy to slip into any sized purse/bag and maybe even wallets too.

There are whimsical and classical designs, as well as several Lily Pulitzer prints. Something for everyone, surely.

The Heartsy deal is USD$10 for USD$21 of store credit (VIPs get USD$31) and if you do like my post, I’d be grateful if you could use my referral link to sign up for a Heartsy account, which is free (My referral link http://heartsy.me/users/89868/referral?c=plink) and that gets me some credit direct from Heartsy when you make your first purchase. The Loverdoodles deal is available right here http://heartsy.me/shops/6493-loverdoodles



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