Haul of the Day: Herve Leger and Elisha Coy

Sasa Atrium Sale Haul

These 3 items are the more note-worthy ones that I picked up at the Sasa Atrium Sale at Novena Square on Sunday night! I was burning time and wandering around while waiting for the buns at Breadtalk to be discounted (they go at 5 for $6 and 10 for $10 =)) near closing time.

Well, one thing led to another and how could I resist? The Elisha Coy Always Nuddy BB24 BB cream was going at 2 for SGD$20 (approx USD$15.60 for 2 tubes!!!)! For full sized and nozzle sealed 50ml tubes. The expiry date is given as May 2013. Legit. Made in Korea, despite the Anglo name.

The Herve Leger perfume is an outright bargain imo. At just SGD$39 (~USD$30) for a 50ml EDT. It’s the original Herve Leger fragrance released in 1999. I’m not sure if it’s discontinued now. There were testers available, as well as the Rose version (released in 2006) which didn’t impress me. The original seduced my nose at first whiff.

Herve Leger is know for its bandage dresses and I don’t think it’s all that known in Singapore. It was buried amidst a heap of perfumes and not at the “designer” section. Which goes to show, I guess.

Amazon describes it as:

Elegance and sophistication at its finest, Herve Leger by the design house of Herve Leger was created in 1999. A classic oriental, floral aroma that is beautifully refined fragrance. Herve Leger bursts with a concert of jasmine, sandalwood and heliotrope. Style, and grace, Herve Leger is an exotic classic aroma for the evening.

Just 3 simple notes, from the description, but heliotrope is apparently full of nuances, with whiffs of powder, vanilla and maybe a touch of fruit and almond, slightly on the sweet side. It’s definitely heliotrope with a sandalwood base and a hint of palatable jasmine. Not a “floriental” sort of scent, which many sandalwood + floral fragrances lend themselves to, though Amazon described it otherwise. It’s not a “light” scent and neither does it assail the senses like my Emporio Armani White Diamonds does. Not an everyday scent but a feminine and even exotic one. Not terribly original or unique, but me likey. Anyway, as the bottle is shrinkwrapped, this will go into my wine chiller to be stored until I finish up one of my other non-Indie scents first.

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3 Responses to Haul of the Day: Herve Leger and Elisha Coy

  1. jelli says:

    I ❤ Herve Legar perfume!!! Glad to know they still make it, I will have to buy another bottle!

  2. Elaine Low says:

    Was at novena square earlier on but didn’t see the atrium sale:( are the 2 boxes of elisha coy bb cream the same? The colour of the boxes seems different?

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