Heartsy Review: Cottage Garden Therapies

This is another Heartsy order that caused some grief. From Cottage Garden Therapies.

On a forum that I visit mucho, the US ladies didn’t have problems with this seller and received their soy candles and buys purchased with the Heartsy voucher from Cottage Garden Therapies promptly, subject to a decent turnaround time.

However, on my part as an international buyer, I had convo-ed the seller twice on international shipping. I received a response the first time saying that they’d get back to me with a shipping quote. After waiting 3 – 5 days, I convo-ed another time with a gentle reminder, to no avail. At this time, the listings only had US/Canada shipping rates listed.

After a couple of weeks and after learning from the ladies from the abovementioned forum that they’d received their purchases, I went back to the Etsy shop and noted that the seller had since included international shipping quotes in all their listings. I proceeded to make an order with my Heartsy voucher, going under the amount of the voucher. Then began the waiting game.

I waited 2 months and had sent 2 more convos in the interim to check on the status. Sin repuesta. I gave up and filed a non-delivery with Etsy. Then came the items shipped via trackable global priority. So that’s how they were received.

My Little Piggie Milk & Honey foot lotion came fine. So did my Celtic Sea Moss scrub. But Bay Rose had some oil leakage which stained the label. Luckily, they were housed in separate plastic ziploc bags, which minimised the spillage and damage. All 3 smell heavenly and I like how the scents are amped up in the honey sugar scrub.

I was hesitant about the goat’s milk, as I’m very iffy about the scent. But this doesn’t smell the slightest bit of goat’s milk at all, which is a very good thing in my books. It moisturises decently and I really like the tingle it gives. If I didn’t have a cat that enjoys sleeping at the foot of my bed with my feet and licking them, I’d apply this more 😛

The Sugar Scrub is not too abrasive on the skin and I really love the scent, especially that of Celtic Sea Moss. I also particularly like the fact that they came in very sturdy plastic jars, almost glass-like. Ingredients are listed but since I’m not endorsing, you’ll pardon if I don’t bother to in this post.

 I suppose if I’m a domestic US customer, I’d probably order from them again. However, seeing that being international is disadvantaged, I’m neither recommending nor purchasing from CGT again. I’d also have happily gone over my voucher amount if they had responded to my query on the shipping quote the first time round.

~*Items reviewed purchased with a Heartsy voucher*~


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3 Responses to Heartsy Review: Cottage Garden Therapies

  1. Jake Sauvage says:

    Oh my god, these products look so cute! Ahaha, I love the packaging…it sort of reminds me of Kiehl’s to be honest. Nice review overall, I love natural products and indie merchants, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everything…so I’m glad there are people writing hearty reviews for people like me, ahaha! I’m going to go check out the site riiighht about now. Thanks so much. :3

    • Now that you mention it oh yes, it is Kiehl-type 😛 Their products are good. Just that CS for intl customers was sorely lacking. I’m guessing you’re a US customer so it should be a better experience should you decide to get them!

  2. Jake Sauvage says:

    I’m in Canada actually…so we’ll have to see, ahaha! Customer service for me is a HUGE part of a company and branding, if it’s poor, even if I like the product I won’t buy something from them again.

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